Coconut Milk Poached Shrimp Cocktail

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Wanna play a quick game of overrated / underrated?

Ok, what’s one popular thing or phenomenon that you think is overrated and what’s one that you think is underrated?
It can be past or present.

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I wore this dress to one of my birthday dinners and have been finding all sorts of ways to wear it ever since.
You can tell from the texture it’s really lightweight and being satin makes it even more airy, both exactly what I need in this stiff August heat. Read More

Grilled Squid Salad

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I can’t lie, it’s good to be back cooking again.
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My Tiny Atlas

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Here’s a quick recap of my time in Cartagena, Colombia, celebrating what turning 30 feels like.

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Roasted Peaches and Drizzled Agave

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I don’t know what this fucking Pokemon go thing is. Read More


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Tuesday we went to the Boston Magazine Best Fest which celebrated the 50 restaurants rated the best in and around Boston for 2016.

Every single one of these restaurants was stationed and serving up the best their restaurant had to offer and it was fucking nuts.
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Ice Cream Sandwiches

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I’ve Got Ice Cream!
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This is me after waking up at 5am on a Sat to do a spin class at 6 because I’m an idiot who needs to learn to just say, no. Read More

Spicy Sweet Potato Dip

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I’ve been driving around with a dent in my car.

Some asshole backed into me while my car was parked and left a dent that looked like Bigfoot pushed in my rear quadrant.

Happened about a month ago and I finally got the goddamn thing fixed.
That was on Monday. Read More


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Freedom of Expression


The man who runs the cafeteria at my job, he’s been saying this to me off and on for the past 3, 4 months and he doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall.

First of all, any man with half a fucking brain knows not to tell a woman he doesn’t know to ‘smile!’

Finally today –


Me: You keep telling me to smile, is there a problem?

Him: *startled expression*

Me: I’m asking if my smile is your problem?

Him: Well…’s…it’s not…you just have a lovely smile…you should smile more….

Me: Oh yeah? You wanna know why I’m not smiling today?

Him: …ummm….well…should I even ask….I mean, from the look you’re giving me right now, I’m not sure I want to know.

Me: *speaks slowly* Because they’re still killing defenseless black men. Shooting them, over and over. MURDERING them. And. It’s. STILL. LEGAL.


Him: *jaw hangs*

Me: YOU go find something to smile about. Don’t comment on my smile ever again.



Yo I’m fucking angry!!!
Black America is ANGRY today and right now anyone can catch this heat.

Just cuz it’s not happening on your street doesn’t mean it’s not happening in these streets.


I’m talking about young black boys growing up without fathers…

Stop killing our fathers and brothers, sons and nephews.

Yellow Sticker

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You ever buy something….a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans, something you like SO much, that fits you so perfectly that you basically have to buy a second pair right there on the spot because just. in. case……..?
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Classic New England Lobster Rolls

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Happy 4th, people!

We crashed a pool party this morning and I’m still here, trying not to look drunk sooooooOOooOo – this is going to be a short post. Read More

B.J. and the A.C.

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Remember a few months ago when it was winter and I was bitching about how cold it was and how I couldn’t wait to feel the sun on my back, remember that? Read More

Sweet Potato Fries

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Good Morning, UK. Read More