Brunch with Blondie

Brunch with Blondie

Blondie and I met a friend at Deep Ellum today…one of  the best places in Boston for a good, strong drink.
It’s only ironic that their brunch is the perfect hangover cure.

Having made the decison on Where, I immediately decided the What would be these patterned pants, paired with my favorite T-shirt and my ‘go-to’ black heels. A light swipe of red lipstick and I was out the door, headache pounding and beaming!

We propped ourselves up at the middle of the bar and within 15 mins, I was settled into the Duck Confit Hash [Braised swiss chard, fingerling potatoes, red peppers, topped with 2 fried eggs].



3 thoughts on “Brunch with Blondie

  1. Thanks for all your inspirational dishes and fashion choices…you even got me to try cooking
    my own recipe of turkey hash yesterday…and I made a few bold fashion changes in my life…some times just a nudge is all I need to make big changes..thank you!

    1. Hi Robyn!!

      You’re so welcome! And thank you for such kind words :). I’m tickled pink that my simple efforts at something like this has inspired you to step it up and out! Miss you to pieces and can’t wait to see some of these changes in your life!

      PS If your hash was every bit as incredible as it sounds, then I know what I’m asking you for Christmas 😉


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