Weekend Lesson Learned: Freedom

Free Falling.

Mom and I have been dying to go skydiving… I mean, what normal mother-daughter relationship doesn’t call for falling out a plane at some point, right?

So a week after my birthday, we suited up and boarded the most suspicious plane ever! This thing looked almost vintage! It could only seat 5 people, including the pilot and trembled enough to make me recall childhood prayers.

Shortly after we were in the air, our tandem partners began strapping us against them and giving us last minute instructions. In between the irregular shudders of the plane and her partner bawling instructions in her ear, I could see mom was nervous too but she never stopped grinning.

She let out a big, laughing ‘whoop!!” when she went out and I had 1 min to realize…I can panic through this entire experience or close my eyes and enjoy it.

That’s when I learned Freedom.


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