Near Empty ‘Fridge and I’m Starving

Smoked Oysters Arugula Salad


Like everyone, I can’t wait for the weekend. I get especially excited for the weekends when I can have a Lazy Saturday.

Those wonderful days are when I sleep in, putz around barefoot in my PJs, read blogs and magazines, play with my kitties, review the rest of my weekend schedule and do whatever the hell else I feel like.

So what do you do when you’re in the middle of all these marvelous moments and realize you’re starving, requiring food right away (so delivery is out), but only have random stuff in your fridge and pantry?

I stood in my kitchen in my in my X-Large YMCMB t-shirt (from Lil Wayne’s THA CARTER IV boxset CD) and brooded over this  for a moment….

Smoked Oysters & Arugula:

What I Used:

Arugula. Smoked Oysters [mine were from Trader Joes]. Balsamic Vinegar. Red pepper flakes. Crushed Cashews.

What I Did: 

I warmed the oysters on the stove and in 4 mins, was happily devouring a surprisingly delicious, albeit slightly unattractive, salad.

Are you having a lazy Saturday too? What are some of your ‘Quick Fixe’ foods?

Smoked Oysters Arugula Salad
Smoked Oyster Arugula Salad


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