Distracted Cooking

Mushroom & Salmon Confetti Salad

I was gonna go all out in the kitchen tonight…like seriously create some magic! Weekends are the perfect time to really experiment in the kitchen and I WAS READY.

I wanted to make something light enough for dinner AND tomorrow’s lunch [because everyone knows breakfast is where it’s at] and I couldn’t wait to get the creative juices flowing. Everything in me agreed with this until I got distracted [by a Greg Giraldo comedy special on my kitchen TV] and ended up winging it.


Salmon & Mushroom Confetti Salad:

What I Used

Salmon. Shiitake & Baby Bella Mushrooms. Cilantro. Mini Heirloom Tomatoes. Sweet Onions.

What I Did:

I think I started by slicing the mushrooms into bite-size portions, tossing them with salt, blackpepper and olive oil and then putting them in to broil for about 25 mins.

While that was going on, I decided to poach 2 medium salmon fillets, seasoned with salt, black pepper and red pepper flakes, in Trader Joes Light Sodium Vegetable Broth

In between Greg Giraldos hilarious take on birth control, I sliced the 1/4 cup tomatoes, 1/4 cup sweet onion and 3 tbsp cilantro.

What I Needed
Core Ingredients

Things were simmering and dinging by this time which meant we were almost there… I laid down one of the fillets in a bowl, then added the mushrooms, cilantro, tomatoes and the diced onion.

All Together Now
All Together Now

Quick toss with a tablespoon of the light soy sauce & red wine vinegar [individual and equal portions] and man oh man! I had to repeat it on the other fillet for my lunch tomorrow.



Go on, get it out..

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