Weekend Lesson Learned: Let It Be

Sorry for posting this one so late! The holiday weekend threw me off quite a bit. Speaking of which – I recently WENT DOWN TO THE CAPE for the holiday weekend and on my way back up, I got a call from a friend… and we got to a point in our dialogue where…

You ever been right about something and know it? I mean, not just feel really strongly about something, but know it to be inherently true?


And ever had a conversation where the dialogue changes, just ever so subtly, from the subject – to you pushing for, egging on, practically defending, what you know is right?

Yep. I was in the middle of one of ‘those’ on my way back from the Cape this past weekend, when I noticed Amy’s car [she was driving ahead of me] had a window sticker that said:


I was pretty agitated so it took a min and a few more interjections from me before I could begin to absorb that. I thought about those 3 words and weighed the advantage of making my point vs. the reward I would feel after I made it.

My deduction came to ‘It’s not even that big of a deal’. OK – so not Buddha-like words  [yet]…but we hung up with “Call me later, love you!”

Because on that drive back home I learned that even if you’re able to make them see your point  – you’ve really just succeeded in making them [and theirs] less significant. And who’s to say theirs really is insignificant.

You don’t always have to be right, even when you know you are, Let It Be.


One thought on “Weekend Lesson Learned: Let It Be

  1. Hey Dana, this is a great post. Sometimes no matter how much you want to continue it, you have to let it go. Part of any relationship, friend or otherwise, depends on “letting it go” as long as you’ve been heard and your thoughts respected. If only everyone was mature enough to adopt those three words as you have.

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