Weekend Lesson Learned: Common Sense isn’t all that Common

I think the title says it all, right? But I’ll sum it up anyway:

So we had 3 major deadlines this week. Each a day apart. Yet decisions that should have been instinctive, were not made. Logical, practical alternatives were not taken. Tasks that are INHERENT to the nature of what we do, were not done until the last minute.

When I needed the people around me to take initiative, they acted as if it were their first day on the job.

Questions were answered with these looks as if I’d just told them the Moon was made out of cheese.

It was Bedlam. Unnecessary Chaos. And I was up to my hairline in it.

I ranted to one of my peers about this and he just shrugged and said “Common Sense isn’t all that Common, Dana”.

I rolled my eyes when he said that, but now that I think about it, he had a point! This mine-field week of mine occurred because I expected that my team, and the functions supporting us, had enough common sense to balance out the unknowns. That was an assumption I was wrong to make and I learned that the hard way…

The gift of Common Sense is not distributed evenly…do not assume that everyone knows what you know.

“Common Sense isn’t all that Common.”

Go on, get it out..

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