Spicy Cornish Game Hen and Rosemary Carrots

Spicy Cornish Game Hen and Rosemary Carrots

So I realized that 90% of all my posts have seafood in them, which may give you the false impression that I am a vegetarian. Sadly, I’m not.

I was vegan for about a year, after I read The China Study…drifted into the vegetarian realm for a few months after that and now…I touch steak once or twice a year and balance out my love of seafood with staggered servings of poultry.

I like cooking poultry – it can be seasoned with anything, served in hundreds of manners and is so easily manipulated! Smoke. Bake. Fire-Roast. Grill. Steam. Fry. Broil. Braise.

Poultry is Awesome.

This time around, I decided to focus my attention on Cornish Game Hen but I have to apologize in advance for having such crappy picture variations of how I made this, I couldn’t figure out my lighting 😦


Spicy Cornish Game Hen and Rosemary Carrots

What I Used:

2 Cornish Game Hens. 5 Rosemary Stalks. Baby Carrots. Olive Oil. Light Sodium Soy Sauce. Sriracha Chilli Sauce. Cornstarch. Mustard Seed Powder. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did:

With the oven set at  425 deg, I rinsed my birds, pat-dried them [in and out] and evenly seasoned them [inside and out] with a mixture of 1 tbsp. Mustard Powder, 2 tbsp Red Pepper Flakes, Salt & Pepper.

You’ll notice that I season my meat and even my fish on tin-foil because it’s keeps my other surfaces clean [especially since I have wood counters] and is super easy to clean up!

I proceeded to sauté them until golden brown in 2 tbsp. of Olive Oil in a large, oven-proof pan.Coronish Game Hen

I typically would tie the wings behind the bird but i didn’t have any twine 😦

When the 2nd side had achieved the right amount of color, I put pan in the oven and set my timer to 35 mins.IMG_20130929_190211_1IMG_20130929_190227

In that time, I made the sauce.

I poured a ½ cup of Light Sodium Soy Sauce in a bowl, added ¼ cup Sriracha Chili Sauce, 1 tbsp. of Cornstarch and stirred until the sauce started to thicken.

I gave it 10 mins, then opened the oven and basted the outside of the birds with the sauce. In 15 mins, I would flip the birds over and repeat this.

Meanwhile, I needed a protein…

I decided to pass up starch tonight so I wanted a supportive protein…

Halved Baby Carrots

I halved 2 cups of Baby Carrots, heated 2 tbsp. of Olive Oil in another large saucepan and sautéed the carrots in it until they were ‘just’soft’. 5 mins.

When my fork was about to penetrate a carrot under just a little pressure, I tossed in Salt2 tsp of Mustard Powder and 5 Rosemary Stalks.

I mixed them all together and let the carrots cook for 5 more mins.

I flipped the birds [as stated earlier], re-basted and let them finish cooking. You can also go by temperature. When the internal temperature of the thickest part of the thigh reads 175F, your birds is cooked.

Basting Cornis Game Hens

My carrots were ready by now, so I took them off the flame, set them aside and got ready to plate. Now here’s where I go wrong with the pictures…

I have to confess I was really distracted at this point, so the pictures are really not a fair representation of how awesome this meal looked or how I ultimately served it 😦

How to make Spicy Cornish Game Hen and Rosemary CarrotsThe End.

How to Make Spicy Cornish Game Hen and Rosemary Carrots

What do you think?


And you like this recipe…share it around!



3 thoughts on “Spicy Cornish Game Hen and Rosemary Carrots

    1. Thank you!! Glad you like it! If you’ve got any ideas to add to this meal, please share them! I’ve been battling a bad cough and find Carrots to be a helpful veggie to counter-act this. Organically, they help boost the immune system yet they also calm my persistent need to hack my lungs out 🙂 But!! You got me there with the Protein…I stand corrected, they have are heavier on the Carbs (10gs!)

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