IMG_20130915_170600_1 IMG_20130915_170220_1

IMG_20130915_165810_2 IMG_20130915_170914_1 Sheer pencil skirt

You ever get something you like, wear it a couple times and then never really pay any further attention to it? And it’s not that you don’t see it in your closet, it’s just that you pass by it …every time…

That’s basically the relationship I have with this pencil skirt. I love the sheer panel in it and being such a nice day outside – I chose to wear it [finally]. I though the brown in this white sweater would compliment the blue nicely but this leather snapback was a last minute thought.

I was headed out to do a dreaded long list of things… the ones where you literally driving across town from one place to the next, picking things up, dropping things off, shaking hands, kissing babies [ok, ok] . Anyways,by the end of all this, I had only one thought on my mind…



Go on, get it out..

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