I bought a bunch of boxes. Because I have to move.

Just the word of it forces my face into a giant wrinkle. Before long, I’ll have to screw my hat on.

But yes – my landlord called me a month or so ago and goes; “I think I’m going to lose my job and uh….”

As he was yakking on, I did some quick math. If he loses his job, then he will be forced to sell his big, fancy, modern home and subsequently move into my apt. Shit! This essentially meant…I needed to find a new home.


So after weeks and weeks of apt viewings, I finally found my new home. I know I should say that with an exclamation point but let’s not forget…I still have to MOVE there.

Yet being the analyst I am, I found myself on my living room floor, excitedly marking up the blueprint of my new apt…

Weekend Lesson Learned: Buy Your Own Home or a Bunch of Boxes


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