Panko Crusted Fish with Edamame and Black Bean Puree

Panko Crusted Fish with Edamame and Black Bean Puree

I wanted to try something new today and that was working with Beans – which interestingly enough, are actually considered fruits. Can you believe that!?

Much as I love fruit, I still hardly ever eat beans [excluding Soybeans because remember – I *heart* Edamame ;)], let alone cook with them so this was somewhat of a challenge for me. I say somewhat because shorting of burning or over-salting, it’s hard to really ruin a meal.

But beans in general get a bad wrap, you know? People are always complaining about how much it makes them fart or how bloated they get…yet somehow it’s always acceptable to have them in your Burrito [like the damage isn’t double in that combination]. So what’s left are people who are either too afraid to try them [like me] or too ashamed to admit how much they love them. Aren’t we all the shape of a bean during our first stages of life anyway?

I think I just went on a mini-rant for a min there, haha. Point is, today I said F all that! I’m cooking with beans and if I like how things turn out…I’ll use them again.

Dammit :).


Panko Crusted Fish with Edamame and Black Bean Puree

What I Used:

White Fish [light/somewhat study texture]. 1 can of Beans [I used black beans]. Edamame [shelled]. Panko Breadcrumbs. White Wine [dry]. Olive Oil. Garlic Powder. Tarragon. Salt. Pepper. 

What I Did:

Started by seasoning my fish with an even blend of Salt, Pepper & Tarragon. Both sides. Oh, and oven at 375deg.

Then I coated the fish with a generous spread of the Panko Breadcrumbs and seared it in a large pan until golden brown on both sides. ~ 5 mins per side.

How to Make Panko Crusted Cod

Once they’d reach that lovely golden brown color, I poured 1/4 cup of white wine into the pan with the fish and put it in the oven to finish cooking [set to roast at 375 for 10 mins.] Note: there will be some time variation, depending on your fish.

While the fish was finishing in the oven, I set 4 cups of water & 2 tsp of Salt to boil. I would blanch my Edamame in it shortly.

In the meantime, I emptied my Can of Beans into a strainer and rinsed them thoroughly. I hate that slimy mess that’s in canned anything.

Rinsing Beans

Then I drained the beans into a blender, added 2 tbsp. Olive Oil, 1 tsp of Salt, 1 tsp of Garlic Powder and pureed until fairly smooth.

Now…you have the option to puree as much as you want. You can make it a nice creamy blend or leave it a little rough. I chose the latter but you don’t have to.

Note: Taste you puree…add more salt/garlic as necessary.

Back to the Edamame; once my water was boiling, I blanched the Edamame in it until they were firm but crunchy [Pop a couple in your mouth to confirm this].

Then spooned them into an icebath to stop the cooking [see how HERE], strained them and seasoned lightly with a sprinkling of Salt.

Lastly, I grabbed our plates:.

How to make Panko Crusted Fish with Edamame and Black Bean Puree

7 thoughts on “Panko Crusted Fish with Edamame and Black Bean Puree

      1. One question….why is the fork face down. did you sneak a bite before taking that pic. 🙂 Love this dish Dana. It looks great.

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