Bam Bam on Acid


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I don’t often wear statement shirts but I saw this sweater and it made me think of Bam Bam from the Flintstones, which I LOVED as a kid. Remember that show? You know it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood does another remake of that. Come to think about it, remember The Jetsons?! Talk about a futuristic show…a cartoon at that!

I wish someone would do a comparison of The Jetsons vs. 2013 technology. I bet the similarities would be striking…like pairing bright red booties and acid wash jeans. Seriously though…think about it:

Cell phones? Check. Robots that can clean your home? Check. A space-station? Check. Cars that can drive themselves? [yes..this is happening] Check.

Gives us another 30 years and we’ll be driving in the skies…


3 thoughts on “Bam Bam on Acid

  1. Hot get up you got going on there…I know a crazy Mormon that wants me to invest in a flying car company I can set you up with if ya wanna drive the skies 😉

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