Black, White, Pink & Brown

IMG_20131110_123335_1I needed a break from unpacking and unwrapping [SEE: Weekend Lesson Learned: Buy Your Own Home or a Bunch of Boxes] it finally stopped raining, so I decided to dart out for a quick shoot and some sunshine.

This outfit was pretty much a mandatory default.

These jeans and sweatshirt were one of the 7 items that weren’t wrinkled or still packed. I wanted to wear my new Chuck Taylors with this, they would have been so dope, but they were at the bottom of a box and these heels weren’t.

You probably can’t tell but I’m SO tired…. every muscle in my body hurts. Not to mention my head was pounding so badly I thought it would push my right ear clean off my head.


Go on, get it out..

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