Leather & Print

IMG_20131116_140051_1 IMG_20131116_140331_1

IMG_20131116_140541_1_1 IMG_20131116_140553_1_1 IMG_20131116_141017_1 IMG_20131116_142718_1 IMG_20131116_141336_1 IMG_20131116_141948_1playing around with the new HDR editing feature

playing around with the new HDR editing feature

This New England weather keeps surprising me. I ran out of the house, bundled up, bracing for cold winds and suddenly realized it was almost 70 deg out! What!?

I’m starting to gravitate towards simpler looks on days when I have to run a series of errands  – mainly because I’m too lazy to put too much thought into it. One thing I do consider on these days though, is practicality. “Is it realistic for me to do all these things in these shoes”, or “Is it sensible to wear this, knowing I’ll be doing that…”

That said, I love it when I find a shoe with a bit of a heel that I can run around all day in. The character of these boots ended up being the perfect embellishment for my simple outfit. It’s only an accident that the print of my boots go with animal around my neck 🙂


Go on, get it out..

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