Sweets and Sweats






Taking after my best friend Amy, I decided to spend the day after Christmas in my jam jams and I have to say, I‘m actually really digging this look. Can we say effortless? lol..

My favorite part about it though, is this coat. It was last years Christmas gift from a friend and besides being sooo warm, the neck of it also folds over into a hood. 

 May have to make this a once-a-month tradition 🙂 


19 thoughts on “Sweets and Sweats

      1. A yo…. Let me tell you something. You don’t have a mother fucking thing to be embarrassed about. You herrrddd me! And just for you saying that Imma go back into all your old shit and look at ya bad chocolate ass. And you can’t do nothing about it shorty. Lol!

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