Veal Tongue in Soy-Sherry Sauce with Mustard Arugula

Veal Tongue in Soy-Sherry Sauce and Mustard Arugula

I really enjoyed my last episode with Duck Breast and I wanted MORE!

So we walked down to the Market Basket on Somerville St. which, thanks to the very diverse neighborhood it is in, is notorious for its wide selection of exotic meats and specialty foods. It didn’t come as much a surprise when I was told that it is the highest grossing Market Basket store in the entire Northeast.We weaved through the over-crowded aisles, aiming for the back wall. The ‘back wall’ should be called the meat wall because it literally spans the entire width of the store.

As we mozied past and lingered over these wonderful selections searching for Duck Breast, my eye caught the section of Veal Tongue. It’s hard to explain but I was instantly drawn to it. I’ve had beef tongue a few times and loved it so when I saw Veal Tongue, my mind immediately went HELL YEAH!

Duck Breast instantly forgotten.

It’s strange but I’m naturally drawn to weird/unusual foods. Items that are considered delicacies in other cultures are the things I hunt for.  I don’t get grossed out by something until after I’ve tried it. Like – I can’t wait to try insect! Cooking with Ants and Bees and Beetles is becoming more accepted these days. Popular even.

Anyway…I saw this Veal Tongue and decided that today, I wasn’t just going to be on the receiving side of things…I was actually going to cook Veal Tongue… for the first time in my life!!


Veal Tongue in Soy-Sherry Sauce with Mustard Arugula

What I Used

Veal Tongue [2]. Low Sodium Soy Sauce. Honey. Sherry Vinegar. Onion [1/2]. Sesame Oil. Arugula. Lemon [1/2]. Small Tomatoes. Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper. Crushed Red Pepper.

What I Did

I did some quick, initial research and realized the best way and general consensus to tenderize tongue, was to boil it.

Veal Tongue -

So after thoroughly rinsing the tongue, I filled a large pot with 2 quarts of water, set the tongue in it and sliced in half of a large onion. I gave it a generous sprinkling of Salt before covering it and letting it boil on medium heat for an hour.

Note: You want to be careful not to undercook it so check for doneness by inserting a fork into it after an hour or so. It should be able to penetrate with only a little pressure.

When it was nice and tender, I took it out the water and let it cool until it wasn’t too hot to handle.

In that time, I poured ¼ cup Soy Sauce in a small bowl, sprinkled in Salt, Pepper & Crushed Red Pepper and mixed in 1 tbsp. Sesame Oil, 1 tbsp. Honey and 2 tbsp. Sherry Vinegar.

When cool enough to handle, I peeled the skin off the tongue….

Yep!! That’s right! The tongue has a layer of skin on it and trust me, it is NOT edible! But don’t worry, at this point, it’s REAL easy to peel it off, which is why you want to wait until it’s tender to do so.

I sliced it into ¼” in pieces and soaked it in my Soy-Sherry Sauce for about 30 mins. Basically marinating it.

The last step was to heat 1 tbsp. of Olive Oil in large sauté pan and sauté  the slices until they were nice and brown.

Soy-Sherry Veal Tongue -

Right before serving, I whisked 1 tbsp. Dijon Mustard in a small bowl with 2 tbsp. Soy Sauce. Then I wilted 4 cups of Arugula in a large pan, squeezing half a lemon over it before stirring in the Dijon Soy mixture. It took about a min to cook down.

For garnish, I sliced a few assorted Tomatoes – which immediately proved to be an excellent accompaniment because they balanced the meaty texture of the tongue. Next time, I‘ll throw the tomatoes in with the Arugula.

Veal Tongue in Soy-Sherry Sauce and Mustard Arugula

Veal Tongue in Soy-Sherry Sauce and Mustard Arugula

And that concludes my first attempt at cooking [a very tasty] Veal Tongue.

What do you think?

Share if you care!

Oh! So after a small coaxing from Genie,  I’m adding this post to this neat monthly food event called Our Growing Edge.


The premise of it is to connect us with other food bloggers and collectively inspire us to try new things.

Being that this is the first time I’ve tried making Tongue anything... I thought I’d share it with other food innovators through this event. This host this month’s event is Louise from Crumbs and Corkscrews.


9 thoughts on “Veal Tongue in Soy-Sherry Sauce with Mustard Arugula

  1. I love my mum’s beef tongue stew but never tried veal tongue. I imagine might even be better. You did a great job. The skin of the tongue grosses me out but I’m glad that it’s easy to peel off. I think I would do it quickly and try not to think too hard about it.

    I love reading about new food experiments and adventures. This post would make a great submission to Our Growing Edge this month. It is a monthly event celebrating new food experiences. More info here:

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