Lace Beginnings


I got this skirt from a thrift shop years ago because I convinced myself that I liked the vintage look of it. So I bought it, took it home and never looked at it again. I just couldn’t find a way to wear it!

Cut to last night, I was weeding out my closet and came across this skirt. Again. For years it has been hanging by a thread between the ‘Maybe’ pile and the ‘Toss that shit out!’ pile. Looking at it last night, I decided I owed it to myself to try and wear this skirt at least once




It was sunny and warm so I opted to pair it with something that showed a little skin and I have to admit, I like how it came together.

I don’t wear my white boots often because Winter can be very dirty in Boston but today seemed like a good day for them, with the sun out and all … and the Polka dot socks were a fortunate accident  🙂


And of course, the warmth didn’t last. Luckily… smartly…I brought my favorite cargo coat!


 I think I’m keeping it!

What do you guys think?



15 thoughts on “Lace Beginnings

      1. LOL!!

        Then you won’t believe it when I say I’m going to try that Insanity workout, haha!

        *Dana *

        On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 1:48 PM, I've Got Cake wrote:


      2. I tried that with my aunt and before it was all said in done I wanted to kill her. Insanity is indeed the perfect name for it CTFU! It is indeed insane. I’m going to check out your IG too.

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