Loosen Up


Today I tried something I’ve always been nervous to do: wear prints and patterns.

 I’ve always viewed the combination as 1 step away from a train-wreck because they can be independently loud so I’ve always stayed away from mixing them.


Yet I’m learning that to wear a look – it’s more than what you physically have on. Because let’s face it, once it’s on and you’re out of your home – there’s not much you can do to edit it. So then it boils down to how you wear it.

You guys probably already know this but I’m on a roll here so if I may….

When it comes to how you wear a look – say you want to wear a gorgeous cocktail dress for brunch; If you wear it feeling ‘meh’ or with your shoulders pushed up to your ears, you’d probably look out of place and meet with several puzzled stares.

But if you wear it with a “cocktail dresses were made for brunch!” sort of confidence – no one would question you. You’d probably get a lot of “Damn, who is that!?!” head-turners.

So now, lately, when I find myself nervous about wearing something, I do a quick attitude check to sync my confidence up with the look I’m going for and compliments are a’flowin’ 🙂


4 thoughts on “Loosen Up

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