Little Wing

Rocker Chic Style

Midi skirts like this have been in trend for a while now and I finally succumbed to them. I think I was just feeling experimental :).

At any rate, I bought this skirt from and as soon as I took it out the box, I couldn’t wait to wear it!

I love everything about this skirt: the wide pleats, the wet-look of the material, the overall poofy-ness of it! Ah!! Success!


I felt like such a badass when I put it on so the natural response of course, was to add a Hendrix T and rhinestone rocker shoes. Don’t let the glasses fool ya 😉

Rocker Chic Style

Ivegotcake.wordpress.comIvegotcake.wordpress.comRocker Chic

 Now…“Excuse me while I kiss the sky”


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