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This week has been particularly exhausting. I feel like I’ve been in a war with people throwing bombs that won’t stop exploding. By noon on Friday, I was ready to lay on my office floor and play dead.Relaxed Look - Ivegotcake.wordpress.comRelaxed Look - Ivegotcake.wordpress.comIMG_20140315_154810_2IMG_20140315_155627_1_1IMG_20140315_155309_1

Waking up today, I was in major relax mode and everyone knows there’s nothing better than a pair of good sweats when you just want to chill.

That’s exactly how these denim pants feel.

They’re so comfy I would wear these pants every single day if I could. But then these posts would get boring very quickly and we can’t have that 🙂

PS: Half a year with this camera and I’m only just learning about over-exposure. *shaking my head*


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