Something Old, Something Blue

Trendy Casual Style

If you’ve been to my blog recently, you’ve probably noticed that I changed up my banner. That’s what happens when you can’t sleep at 4am on a Saturday…*shaking head*

Anyway, I took these pics on my way to stock up my ‘fridge. There were no more Duck Breasts and being back home, I have to take advantage of the sunshine when I can get it so…

Trendy Casual StyleTrendy Casual Style Trendy Casual StyleTrendy Casual StyleIMG_20140328_143235_1Trendy Casual Style


It was a last min idea to throw on this jean shirt. Even though it’s well past its lifecycle, I can always find a use for it…

How many of those pieces do you have in your closet? Those timeless gems that were your ‘steady’ back in the day but now don’t really go with anything? That you’ve worn the shit out of but yet just can’t seem to let it rest in peace?

I’ve got a few of them and I can tell already that the process of dragging myself out of the remains of Panama to the reality that is life, will have me wearing the hell out of them.

The trick of course will be not looking like a flat out bum…



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