Torn Mint & Blueberry Granola Parfait

How to make a blueberry parfait

I think the reason I am thinking lean and clean is because the entire time I was in Panama, I didn’t have dessert.

I know, I know!! It’s just honestly… I’ve never been a sweets kind of person.

I’d rather a Manhattan over a Cosmo…

 I mean – have I ever posted a dessert recipe on here? Yeah no…

But of course as I’m typing this, I have this incessant craving for ice cream.

And of course, I don’t have any ice cream.

Second best?


Torn Mint & Blueberry Granola Parfait

What I Used:

1 cup Plain Greek Yoghurt. Blue Agave. Fresh Mint Leaves. Fresh Blueberries. Granola.

What I Did:

how to make blueberry parfaitMix the Blue Agave syrup in with the Yoghurt until it’s sweet enough for you then layer away!

Blueberry & Mint Granola Parfait - IveGotCake.wordpress.comHow to make your own parfaitBlueberry & Mint Granola Parfait - IveGotCake.wordpress.comBlueberry & Mint Granola Parfait - IveGotCake.wordpress.comHow to make a blueberry parfaitBlueberry & Mint Granola Parfait -

This was so good I literally googled “Can you actually gain weight from too much Greek Yoghurt?”

Oh! By the way! Since I started this blog, a few of you guys have asked me what’s something I’d like to cook that I haven’t tried making before. So I stayed up late last night and finally created my Recipe Bucket List.

It’s all over the map but I think I can swing it 🙂 Check it out HERE!


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