Shuffle or Fold

How to wear a skater skirt

Wore my favorite skirt with my favorite purse and one of my favorite shoes to dinner tonight.

I was initially going to wear a  blue & white pin-stripe button down shirt with this skirt but I was too lazy to iron.

IMG_20140409_152253_1IMG_20140409_154057_1_1IMG_20140409_153519_2IMG_20140409_153634_1IMG_20140409_153931_1_1Casual Chic Style

All reports indicate the weather this weekend will be close to 70!!!

Yeaaaah buddy!

That’s practically bikini weather for us Bostonians!

I’m kiiiiiidding! I decided this look would be enough.

Hey so, the Boston International Film Festivals starts this Sat and I’m super excited about it! There are some incredible films showing this year and the best part is that about 90% of them are short films.  It takes either a really good story, really good acting or a straight up horror film to keep my attention, haha

I got into Independent  films years ago when I found out The Last King Of Scotland was an Indy film. I won’t gush about it, I promise, but if you haven’t seen it – you’re doing yourself a dis-service. GO RENT IT. I was like daaaaaammmn!

Huge wakeup call.

So I started paying attention to them more, exposing myself to underground films and documentaries [I’m so late, I know] I would otherwise have been [and probably still be] ignorant to. But that’s life right? Listening and learning.

So here’s to a weekend of that and then some 🙂




11 thoughts on “Shuffle or Fold

  1. You look so pretty and I adore that skirt! But if it was only 70 I’d be freezing my butt off! We’ve been up to the 90s this week–which is a bit warm for April, but I’m not complaining yet!

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