Merlot Floating Strawberries

Strawberries floating in Merlot

It’s Spring. 70 deg out.

I wanted to sit on my stoop. I wanted some Strawberries. I wanted some wine.

This is exactly as it reads and as easy to make as it sounds.

This is me short-cutting Sangria and calling it dessert.

This is amazing.


Merlot Floating Strawberries

Easy Strawberry desserts
1/4 cup granulated Sugar. 1 turn Fresh Cracked Pepper. 3 cups Merlot. 3 Cups hulled and quartered Strawberries.
Integrate well (reserving the Jazz man and the Dinosaur), then in the ‘fridge for 30 mins

Strawberries floating in MerlotStrawberries floating in Merlot Strawberries floating in Merlot


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