Sporting Old News


I woke up with an interest in approaching the sporty chic trend.

My initiative was to dig up this old LBD [Freshman year I think?], pair it with these dooope shoes and at the last min, throw on this shirt-dress that I initially bought as a beach cover up.


IMG_20140413_140531_1IMG_20140413_140523_1_1 IMG_20140413_141003_1How to wear the Sporty Chic TrendIMG_20140413_141919_1

You can probably tell by the abundance of pics that I’m really into this look. I especially like the contrast of dressing down an otherwise “dress-up” look and still being able to own it.

No question – this is one trend I’ll definitely followIMG_20140413_141906_3Spring 2014 sporty chic trend


It’s sometimes hard to see the roses for all the pine. It’s sometimes hard to find peace for all the pain.

Thoughts and sincere condolences go to everyone affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings a year ago.



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