Silk & Sweats

comfy chic looks

It was a gorgeous day out today but maaan….I didn’t want to do shit.

I mean, how ungrateful can I be?? We as humans, bitch and moan about the cold and the snow and the wind and how we can’t wait till it gets warm….then the sun comes out and I’m scrambling to close my black out curtains [real tight] because the barest hint of light is peeking through.

Really Dana?!

But I did get up…grudgingly…

Sweatpants because I didn’t really want to …heels because I knew I had to.

IMG_20140419_160532_1IMG_20140419_160731_1IMG_20140419_161611_1IMG_20140419_161503_2IMG_20140419_161316_1_1IMG_20140419_160620_2comfy chic looksIMG_20140419_161933_1

Somehow I got the lighting placement all wrong so you’ll have to excuse some of these pics…



15 thoughts on “Silk & Sweats

  1. Love the way you go about things “you are not supposed to wear together”, totally up my ally. I might have just fallen in love with your blog o.o ๐Ÿ˜€

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