Our Growing Edge: April 2014 Roundup

I know this post is supposed to be a Style Post  but we’re in May and I have to tell you about something else first.

Remember a while ago I told you I was hosting Aprils Link party for Our Growing Edge?


Our Growing Edge is all about trying new food experiences, via taste or creation and April was a busy, busy month.

16 bloggers offered 16 different and enticing experiences, some of which were so good just looking at them felt like fucking Christmas morning.

There are some fucking SUPERSTARS out there!

Here’s the lowdown on them…


1. Seal Flipper Stew by Kara Lalalala

seal flipper stew

Even though this is Kara’s first submission ever, from the title alone I knew this was going to be epic.

While many consider Seal taboo (hell, even Kara was hesitant about it), with the incredibly harsh winter conditions Kara lives in, primal survival kicks in – especially since ‘land food’ isn’t always so easy to come by.

But instead of eating it from the jar, as commonly recommended, she created this hearty stew which kept them warm and satisfied until the local grocery stores could stock up again.

– More at Kara’s blog HERE


2. Scalloped Potatoes with Celeriac by Eva Taylor


Doesn’t this just look divine? I mean, LOOK AT IT!!

Eva made this for Easter brunch a few weeks ago as an alternative to their traditional Easter brunch sides. The celeriac works beautifully with the thyme flavors and actually makes this dish less starchy than the conventional version of Scalloped Potatoes which makes wanna-be-healthy people like me very happy 🙂

– HERE’S what she did


3. Strawberry, Spinach, Avocado & Citrus Salad by Carissa



Two words come to mind when I see this dish. Healthy. And Delicious. And not just because it is made with all the things I love.

This is another item made for Easter Brunch but what makes it Easter worthy is the standout combination of citrus, seasoned avocado, toasted pecans, feta and this incredible ginger-citrus dressing. Fucking unREAL.

– You have to check it out. JUST GO.


4. Coconut & Lemongrass Tofu Soup by Kellie Anderson

coconut and lemongrass tofu soup


This is such a delicate soup. Tofu, Shitake Mushrooms, Lemongrass, Lime Leaves, Coconut Milk, Choi Sum…ahhh Thai food! God, so many memories…

I always find it so admirable when people grow gardens specifically for food. I live in a city, no greenspace whatsoever and the little Basil pot in my kitchen never gets enough sunlight so I’m continuously replacing it. Sigh.

Kellie from Kelliesfoodtoglow.com uses a lot of fresh ingredients when she cooks, most come from her home garden which results in some incredibly fresh, remarkably savory, thoroughly nutritious meals.

– More at Kellie’s blog HERE


5. Fox & Hounds by Teri Salinas

found and houds


Teri didn’t eat a Fox or a Hound. No, instead she drove an hour away to a restaurant called Fox & Hounds, in the hills of Wisconsin, to try something she’s never tried before: Grilled Tenderloin Oscar.

Teri, like many of us, has a list of her favorite foods and sticks to them. Trying this tenderloin oscar was completely outside of her element but in the spirit of her husband’s birthday (and Our Growing Edge….ok just Luke’s birthday), she ventured outside her comfort zone and tried it and I think she kind of liked it! I get the feeling she’ll dare to venture into the wild world of ‘I’ve never tried this shit before’ again.

– Click HERE for Teri’s full review


6. Ham & Mushroom Calzone by Corina


After several iterations, Corina finally discovered how to make the perfect calzone. Fortitude my friends.

I fucking love that in a food blogger. Because shit doesn’t always come out right the first, second or third time. Or the end result doesn’t look appetizing. Or when it does – then you can’t get the lighting right and the pictures look a mess. Sometimes, it’s like you can’t fucking win.

But then there’s bloggers like Corina that just keep going. Keep at it. Tweaking shit here and there until voila! Perfection.

– She tells how better than I do so just click HERE


7. Life is not a Pastafrola by Jules


Jules, an Argentinian Graphic Designer living in New Zealand loves cookies. And food. But really loves cookies. So when she started to feel a little nostalgic about her hometown, she was decided to make Pastafrola as an ode to her country and her love for baked goodies.

As I learned, Pastafrola is essentially a shortbread pastry filled with Quince Jam. She’d never made it before but when you’re feeling homesick, everyone knows a sinful, decadent treat is the perfect solution. Just curl the fuck up and veg out. Not sure if she did but I totally would have. While watching Breaking Bad. Fuck Sex and the City. I’m totally Samantha.

Life is not a Pastafrola means Life is not piece of cake. But God if it was….

– …you’d see how to make it HERE


8. Nutella, M&Ms and Chocolate Chip Cookies by Audrey Young

nutella and chocolate chip cookies

Since we’re on this sugary high, you’d better meet Audrey.

Easter passed but that didn’t stop her. She kept the chocolate coming. Using leftover treats from Easter and the miracle that is Nutella, this wonderful woman created these incredible cookies right off the cuff. She says it’s a bit messy to make but who cares when you’re licking fucking chocolate off your fingers!?!


– Just go ahead and click THIS


9. Green Tea Mochi Crepes by Anna

green tea mochi crepes


Would you look at this!?!

I mean how does someone even make something this remarkable? Something this great had to be made for an occasion, right?

Imagine if you had to wake up every morning to the flashing light of 30 plus emails all screaming for your immediate attention because they’re coming from a country who’s been awake long before you and suddenly…one morning, you roll over and only see 3.


That’s cause for a treat right!? I mean, that itself is a treat but we’re humans so we like to eat our treats.

– Nom Nom NOM


10. Chocolate Pudding by Haley

chocolate pudding

This was bred out of Haley’s urge to try a new recipe.

Gluten-free paleo brownies were going to be the focus but her oven is broken. I have been there before, it’s not even remotely funny. So what the hell else could she make from scratch that would satisfy a chocolate craving and doesn’t require intensely high temperatures? Chocolate Pudding.

Not impressed? You try making chocolate pudding from scratch. She knocked it out the fucking park.

– Just LOOK!


11. Ika Mata by Causal Ramblings

cook island local dish

Casual Ramblings spent Easter in the Cook Islands. Yeah. You and I were having some boring brunch while this woman was eating her way through the fucking COOK ISLANDS!!!

One of the standout items sampled was a dish called Ika Mata. It’s a salad made out of all sorts of fresh fish (uncooked) and held together with a creamy coconut sauce. This is when I started gnawing on my arm…

– Check out the full story HERE


12. Quiche Lorraine by Zoe Fenson


Bacon…you either love it or hate it. Actually some people are in the middle so what the hell do I know…

Oh! I know! I know!

I know she created this masterpiece from the need to use milk, cream and eggs before they all expired and an interest in embracing the texture and flavor that only Bacon can give a meal.

She ended up creating this smoky, sweet, hammy, crisp, tender, silky, fucking tour de force meal. And just for Sunday brunch.

 – Just MMMPH.


13. Sarawak Laksa by Miss Changy via Nom Nom Panda

Sarawak laksa

So Nom Nom Panda caught wind of this pop up event and bought a bunch of tickets so her and her friends could enjoy a dose of food creativity. At Miss Changys house. The catch – she was really in Miss Changy’s house.

I love pop up events, especially the food ones, but I’ve never dined in a stranger’s home before. The amount of small talk it requires frightens me. But not her.

Sarawak Laksa is only one of the foods Nom Nom Panda had the luxury of eating…

– the other is HERE



14. The $1 Experiment by Chandler Tomayko

the $1 experiement


God I love this blog!

Chandler was mozy-ing around Chinatown…in Hawaii…and came across a bag of Thai Eggplants that cost exactly $1 for half a pound.

I love this blog and this woman because that alone said CHALLENGE to her. And fucking challenge accepted.

She didn’t research the ingredients like I would have. Nah – she just went IN. She chose a starch,  settled on stir fry as the technique and used every vegetable she had to make this. My favorite kind of stir fry.

I’m not going to give the results of this experiment away, but the derivative of it can be found on her blog.

– Riiight HERE


15. U is for Udon by Liz

udon noodles

Now Liz has one of the properties I am working on learning as a food blogger. She took an ordinary ingredient and used it in an entirely unique way. Which is what Our Growing Edge is about so why I am surprised? Because of her natural creativity.

Liz is part of a gang called Cooking Through the Alphabet who’s effort is to go down the alphabet, assign a food to it and create something from it. So this group is at U and they selected Udon as their primary ingredient, with the task to create something wonderful from Udon. Kind of makes you want to join them right?

I wonder what their gang sign is… Does it change by alphabet?

– Liz created fried Udon Bundles. HERE’S WHAT SHE DID


16. Hot Cross Buns with Custard & Cognac by Genie de Wit


Alright so if you don’t already know this girl, dial back to what I said earlier and THEN come back here. She is the creator of this whole she-bang!

I started my blog 8 months ago and Genie was one of my first fans and commentators. By Nov she’d convinced me to submit MY first post to Our Growing Edge. She’s very interactive, LOVES bunnies and is tremendously inspiring.

Even though she’s the founding mother of this party, there are still some items that she raises an eyebrow to. In this case – she arched one to her first bread and butter pudding.

– If you haven’t been, go to her site now. NOW!!


17. Spring Vegetable Salad with Poached Egg & Herb Vinaigrette by ME

How to make a spring salad


Yes…I’m rounding all this deliciousness off with me because if you’re reading this, then you probably already know about this Salad. So I won’t augment it any further. Just know that like everyone else who came to this party, I love food.

Love influencing its taste, bringing out its color, love learning the methods of how it can be prepared, love trying weird versions of it, love challenging myself to create something out of what I think is nothing…it just turns me on.

My friend from FoodistheBestShitEver said it best; it’s better than sex without a condom.


This is my summary of all these gastronomical pleasures. You owe it to yourself to click at least ALL of these links



19 thoughts on “Our Growing Edge: April 2014 Roundup

  1. I thought I was bringing my A game to April’s Growing Edge, but now seeing my fellow bloggers I feel I need to step it up if I want to be part of May round up.
    Thank you for the introduction…I do love cookies…actually…I could go for some cookies right now..

  2. you are so kind, Dana! Thanks for hosting and for coming over to food for fun. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you’re up to. Guess the alphabet gang will need a sign now 😉 Btw, you’re welcome to join us–it’s an open group. Holler back if you’re interested. Again, thanks for the shout-out.

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