Digit[al] Patterns


This weekend was Open Studios in Somerville and even though it made for tons of traffic, I really love my neighborhood for shit like this.

A few friends came over, I made brunch, then we walked in and out of music and art studios until it was time for another drink.

Turns out we required that drink much sooner that we thought and rightfully so because about 3 mins after we were settled with our drinks it began pouring.

I kinda like this combination and wish I had captured it in more pictures, but we were too drunk to take any by the time it stopped raining.



10 thoughts on “Digit[al] Patterns

      1. I’m not, but very close! I’m a Red Line girl, so I really have no excuse. Next year I will try to be there!

  1. I never used to wear prints but have started wearing them because I realise how forgiving they can be with bits of fluff or um…random stains.

    I wear a lot of plain black or dark blue and you can bet that every single bit of white rabbit fluff will show up on those. I’m wearing a navy blue maxi dress today with a black cardigan. Bunny fluff central.

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