Fringe and things…

how to wear a Sleek style

I picked up this fringe sweater about a month ago when I was returning something that didn’t fit and I’ve been dying for a fucking occasion to wear it!

See, I rarely go out during the week because I have to work so early and in order to stay focused, I need my 8 hours. I don’t drink coffee… you know how it goes.Β But every now and again, some wonderful event comes along and I’m either obliged to go or dying to go.

Tonight is one of those latter exceptions.

IMG_20140507_164417_1_1 IMG_20140507_164621_1_2 IMG_20140507_164524_1_1 IMG_20140507_164443_1_1

I’ve been lucky enough to identify my intimate circle early on in life and I try to show them how much they matter to me every chance I get. Even if it means hanging in their pool all summer. I mean…it’s the least I can do.

So when my best gal pal Amy told me she was celebrating the new spring luxury collection being added to her Natick store tonight, how could I say no?

It’s going to be the fucking bees knees!

IMG_20140507_165606_2_1IMG_20140507_165216_1_1 IMG_20140507_165512_1_1 IMG_20140507_170542_1_1

This fringe sweater is dope right?

IMG_20140507_165449_1_1 how to wear a Sleek style

When something flows this effortlessly, I try to pair it with slimming items because I find it makes for a sleek look which suits almost everyone. And since I didn’t want to go all black, I offset it with my favorite heels and a golden clutch (not pictured).


Her event is being sponsored by Mercedes Benz so I better get to play around in some badass rides or they’ll be hell to pay!

22 thoughts on “Fringe and things…

      1. High five for thrift stores! I love thrift shops and vintage shops πŸ™‚ You have such a great style!

  1. Love the heels and the fringe. Some outfits demand to be shown off. Some bodies too.

    How can you cook the way you do, work, blog and still maintain magnificent abs? What is your secret?

    1. The blood of children.
      Kidding πŸ˜€

      Thanks Genie πŸ™‚
      I work out 4/5 times a week. Part of my boring weekday schedule although I haven’t done ab anything since December.

    1. Oh yes!
      I remember your blog! I absolutely loved the tips you gave on blogging poses and photography, super helpful.

      I hope you’re going to post more looks of yourself, I’ll be watching πŸ™‚

  2. Omg, I so grateful that I came across your blog. I just bought a banging white fringe shawl like cardi and It has a bad ass black ink print on the back. Then i wondered “WTF am I gonna wear this with”
    Then I googled it and a whole bunch of bull sites came up with grandma sweaters and scarves showing. Now I have the perfect outfit. Ill make sure to stick to the slimming black but Im gonna make that bad boy look awesome!!!!! Thanks hun!

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