I had the opportunity to connect with Kaddy, this incredible artist out of Germany.

We met about a week ago when she started following me so I ventured over to her blog to see what she was up to.

I was immediately drawn to her work. The talent and the passion behind her art is striking. I mean it blows my mind how she’s been under the radar this long.

So I asked her if she would consider doing a piece for the 300 some Nigerian girls recently kidnapped because it’s so easy for us to stay inside OUR world and forget what’s affecting those outside of it. 

This is a call of attention to the 300 young women, who risked their lives and their freedom by going back to their boarding school to take their final exams so they could graduate high school and have an opportunity to be more in life.

The same opportunity many of us take for granted every day when we skip class or bitch about how much we hate school.

Knowing the terroist group, Boko Haram, was nearby, these girls still took this risk because without graduating, there would be little chance that they could rise out of poverty and provide more for their families. Because without graduating, their chance at success would be significantly lessened.

So they went back, for 2 weeks, just to take those final exams. And then they were gone.

And now there are mothers who may not ever see their daughters again.Who won’t be able to tell them how proud they are of them when they graduate. Who may not ever get a chance celebrate their daughters 18th birthday. Or see her get her first ‘real’ job.

While we were celebrating Mothers day, these mothers may not ever be able to have another Mothers Day again.

Kaddy took me up on my request and created this powerful piece that really affected me. It is so potent with emotion, it puts into perspective a lot of the shit that I take for granted.

You can view Kaddys ode to these fearless young women HERE.

And Kaddy – thank you.



6 thoughts on “#BringBackOurGirls

  1. a very, very huge thank you, I really hope your followers pay attention to the situation of the young girls! And I also hope they will start to open there eyes for these dramatic fates.

    well, #bring back our girls 😉

    -thanks ❤

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Kady. I’m glad you’re so aware of what is going on there because you know what it was like to be in boarding school just for one year but it’s enough experience. Just keep on praying for these girls and theirfamilies . Perhaps I can meet Kady when I go to Germany in August.

  3. The plight of these girls still saddens me till this very day 😦
    My country is a conundrum begging to be solved.
    Thank you for highlighting the issue at the time.
    Also, you’re right – that painting is very powerful. Well done to Kaddy

    1. Yeah it’s pretty sad.
      The BBC reported that the Nigerian govt declined ground troops from Britain & other western nations to help find these girls which baffled me.
      Not only did it put the issue of finding these young women is back in the hands of the Nigerian govt but it also took the awareness and outrage of it out of western media (making it easier to forget).

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