Painting a Sunset


I’ve been feeling a little creative lately so I treated myself to a Painting Class. Now I’ve gone to a few classes before, but this was probably my best experience.

The last class I went to the instructor barely gave you any direction. He just started drawing and expected you to know what the fuck he was going to do next. The whole class was confused. This one guy literally dropped his brush and like, put his hands out and silently shook them up and down every few seconds.

Like you know when the ref makes a fucked up call, so fucked up even the head coach doesn’t even know what it is? So they do a time-out so they can review it among all the other refs. And then they come to a decision and don’t inform the coach and he’s got his hands out like “Am I fucked? Am I gonna come out alright in this? What the fuck is going on!?!”

That’s how this guy was shaking his hands.

But I digress. The instructor this time around was also the artist which was awesome because he spoke like he cared and demonstrated the techniques clearly.


Part of what made this such a good session was that this was one of those classes that in between instructions, served cocktails and played great music.

Somerville-20140524-04479_1 Somerville-20140524-04483_1

I felt like I was getting the hang of it, you know?


 I  mean, I spent the afternoon painting a sunset and getting a little hammered.

Not bad, Dana…not bad.



IMG_20140524_174926_1 IMG_20140524_175111_1


Pictures taken with my Blackberry. Yes I still rock a Blackberry


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