Holy Mackerel!

Mackerel recipes

So last weekend was the Memorial Holiday weekend and I was planning on having a cookout. I wanted to grill clams so I went into Whole Foods and headed over to the Seafood section.

When it was my turn, the cutie behind the counter goes:

“They got a great deal on Mackerel today. $2/fish”

“Oh yeah?” I reply.

“Yeah, in my country, we eat them all the time. They cook really easily and are great on the grill. I have 20 in the freezer with my name on them as we speak”

“Nice! How do you plan on cooking them?”

“Little salt, little garlic powder. That’s it. On the grill.”

“No Oil?”

“Nah, Mackerel is already an oily fish. Trust me. Salt. Garlic Powder. Done.”

“Well shit. Gimme 10.”

“They’re $2/fish. How many people at your cookout?”

“About 15…”

“Take 15 then”



“Alright, 15 then”

“Wait! Are there a lot of bones?! I don’t want people laid out because they couldn’t get a bone out of their throat”

*sexy laugh – his*

“There’s some bones in there but they’re soft, and nothing you can’t see a mile away”

*mmm, mmm, mmm – me*

“Alright. 15 then”


Holy Mackerel 

What I Used

Several Fresh Mackerel. Salt. Garlic Powder. Handful Fresh Parsley.

What I Did

Rinse and pat dry the fish.

IMG_20140526_142604_1 IMG_20140526_142901_1

3 or more diagonal slashes on both sides of each fish.


1:2 ratio Salt & Garlic Powder, but it really depends on your salt preference. 


Sprinkle the salt mixture inside the fish, into the slits and over the outer surface. 


On the Grill or In the Broiler. Med-High heat. 7-10 mins.

Serve with some roughly chopped parsley in the fish and in the slits.

Cooking Mackerel IMG_20140526_151407_2


So fucking good. All 15 gone within minutes. Those greedy bastids.



26 thoughts on “Holy Mackerel!

    1. Haha!

      Dude I love eating fish like this. I’ve got quite a few posts actually of cooking and eating whole fish.
      There’s something wonderfully primitive about picking it clean to the bone lol.

      You’ve got to try it! Just close your eyes during the first few bites 🙂 If you decide you just can’t deal, then remove the head the next time and cook it the same.

      The cheeks have meat in them too 🙂

  1. What a lovely picture!
    When my son was little we used to live in Belfast where we got our fish straight from the boats at tSt George’s Market – he wouldn’t touch fish fingers as I had told him to always check the eyes of the fish to see if they were fresh. No eyes, no way of knowing what you’re eating … 😉

  2. This looks and sounds incredible! How nice of that dude to give you that advice. I also love how you’ve prepared it (except the garlic powder, why not use fresh?). It’s also great that your guests enjoyed them so much.
    But now the question is: what the f#*k were you wearing? And don’t forget about the shoes!😉

    1. Eva, I swear!!
      You ALWAYS have me cracking up!

      And I thought about fresh garlic, but then I remembered him saying ‘Garlic Powder’ so I really wanted to be true in case I needed to hold him to task later 😀

      My shoe game was on the money so that balanced my worn out jeans. Right?

  3. Dana, these look amazing! You are so lucky to have access to beautiful, fresh, whole fish. We get them when we can, but I don’t believe I’ve seen mackerel. We tried ordering fresh sardines from Whole Foods once and they never came in. Whole fish rocks!

    1. Yeeesss!
      It does. And thank you!
      But the barter is you get gorgeous hot weather almost all year while I’m bruised from shoveling, I get fresh fish off the boat.
      Come on now.

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