Red Bottoms


I was evaluating my closet over the weekend because I finally decided it is time to pack winter clothes away and move spring/summer clothes in. Everyone who’s already done this transition knows it can be a labor of fucking love.

So I popped open a bottle of Prosecco, threw 4 or 5 raspberries in a flute and made myself a comfortable on the floor in front of my dresser.

I started off well. Organized. Neat piles of clothes here, hung shirts there,  music keeping me energized… but at my 3rd glass, shit looked like a fortress.

But I came away with some gems though, like this hat. Where the fuck did I get this hat from and are there any others??


IMG_20140601_162442_1IMG_20140601_161549_1 IMG_20140601_162020_1

 The good news – the hat stays, no question. The bad news is I’m still not done sorting.

On a side note: I’m babysitting my friends dog and I gotta tell you, nothing clears a sidewalk like walking a fucking pit-bull.


27 thoughts on “Red Bottoms

      1. I actually think red jeans could get me into trouble. I went for a walk at lunch time and had several men say hello to me as I walked past them. I figure they were actually saying hello to the red jeans.

  1. I am game for color bottoms!!! It just makes the outfit pop! Great choice. Yes, I have yet to transition into the right season. Was just thinking about that today! I am dreading it! Lol

    1. Thanks darlin’!

      And it’s awful. That’s why you have to balance it out with a drink or have your girlfriends help you out 🙂

      I’d love to see what gems you dig up though!

    1. Aww thank you 🙂

      I think you have to do it in phases. Like, this weekend – tops. Next – bottoms. Next – shoes.
      It helps if you start early too, when you’re still full of energy ;p

  2. Haha love the pitbull comment. Sometimes even just having a dog weighing more than 40 lbs does the trick. I get a laugh every time it happens. #freeentertainment #whyuscaredofdogs

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