Part II


Ahh Giselle!!

I’m receiving my 2nd Liebster Award in less than a month thanks to Giselle from The Busy Spatula.

Similar to the last time, the Leibster Awards are a Pay-It-Forward kind of blogging award given to upstarting blogs with generally less than 1000 followers. It requires the nominee to answer a series of questions, then pass on their own nominations to the blogs they think deserve the Leibster Award.

If you’re nominated for one of these bad boys, your receipt is contingent upon these rules.

  1. LINK back to the person who nominated you;

  2. SHARE 11 facts about yourself;

  3. ANSWER 11 questions set by your nominator;

  4. NOMINATE others who you think deserves the Liebster Award

  5. ASK your nominees 11 questions to answer

  6. AFTER YOU PUBLISH your Liebster post, go to your nominees blog and let them know you nominated them.


So here we go:


Thank you again Giselle for taking the time to nominate me. Who’s better than you? 🙂



1. I eat cereal every morning for breakfast. In my car. Ginger granola to be exact.

I have the cereal bowl in my left hand, I shift with my right and steer with my knees. Yeah…I know. Any day now…

2. I have a lot of mirrors in my apt.

I don’t think I’m vain at all. They actually open up spaces, smaller rooms seem larger and larger rooms bring in more light.

3. I don’t own a computer.

Between my work laptop, my Google tablet (Nina) and my blackberry – I think I got it covered.

4. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter either.

I just don’t like spending a lot of time in the virtual atmosphere. Although in the back of my mind, I know if I want to expand this blog even more, I’ll have to cave in and get one or the other.

5. I have shoes strategically placed all around my apt.

Everyone thinks they’re decor but I really just don’t have the closet space.

6. I was selected about 2 weeks ago to be a Nielsen family.

Nielsen is the company the measures American TV viewing habits. 1 in 25,000 households are selected to participate in the study. This basically means your favorite shows could get cut off if I don’t watch them. And I get paid.

I’m just brimming with power…ha..haha…hahaha…mwaahahahaahahahaha

7. I LOVE Family Guy.

I watch every. Single. Episode.

8. I used to be a shameless wine snob.

If it was green on my charts, it was a definite no-go.

9. But it’s all good…I’m all about Rye Whiskey now.

10. I’ve crashed New Years Eve parties 3 years in a row now.

All by accident. 2 by accident.

11. I hate getting my nails done but I love how they look afterwards.

In that time though, I feel fucking handicapped. I can’t use my phone, I can’t flip the pages of my magazine, some mind-mushing home design show is always playing…I just want to blow my brains out.

12. I wrote this watching Life of Pi

And yes, tears were slipping out..



What is your favorite food?

All things Seafood but Asian Cuisine cuisine is a close 2nd.

Do you have a doppelgänger? If so, who?

What an interesting question… I don’t think I do. At least no one that I know of.

What is the best gift you have received?

Besides the gift of life (corny I know), my bed. Thanks dad!!

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you’ll buy?

Ahh, I love questions like this! I guess it’s all contingent on how much I actually won. If it’s something to scream into the phone like a lunatic for, I think the first thing I’d buy would be a Tesla.

If you could invite 5 famous people to your party, who would they be?

Damn Giselle! SUCH a great question!

If it’s a party then I want; Martin Scorsese. Maya Angelou. Pope Francis. Denzel Washington. Alexander McQueen.

You didn’t specify alive or dead 😉

What do like to do for fun?

Besides cooking, listening to live music. I’m really digging funk. Think James Brown and Jimi Hendrix.


What is your favorite song on your iPod at the moment?

At the moment..

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Back when I could eat ice-cream (I hate being lactose-intolerant), it was Butter Pecan. Now it’s just my tears over crushed ice.

What is your favorite TV show at the moment?

Breaking Bad.

I know it ended a while ago but I finally got enough time on my hands to get into it and ho-ly shit.

Still love you Game of Thrones!

If you were a superhero, what would you catch phrase be?

Breathing heavily, I’d go: “You’ve got…One…. More. Time…”



FoodIsTheBestShitEver – This man behind this blog indeed has a foul mouth…luckily he makes good food to go into it.

Ajua from The Love Temple – Ajuas blog is so calming. If you’re looking for a reflective moment, venture over to The Love Temple.

Brendon from Brendon the Smiling Chef – His blog is DOPE and his recipes are awesome. I think he’s already some kind of famous 🙂

Pang from Circa Happy – She just moved to her own self-hosted wordpress blog and it looks STUNNING. I aspire to take pictures like hers. I hope I can get Pang to do a guest post.



1. What the song that whenever it comes on you go “that’s my jam!” and rock out to it like nobodys business?

2. What’s your best tip to being physically healthy?

3. Your dream vacation. Where? How long? Doing what? With who?

4. Top 3 pet peeves?

5. What’s something that everyone should have 2 of?

6. What’s something your parents were wrong about?

7. What celeb would you be an absolute fan-whore for? Like “OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG….it’s raining? Who CARES if it’s raining? I’ll wait all day in this damn rain for ________” …?

8. What has been your biggest contribution to society thus far?

9. What’s one skill that you have that most people don’t?

10. Whats the site you go to when you want to kill time?

11. What’s one of the first things that cross your mind when you wake up?



Thank you, future Leibster award recipients for participating! I think your blogs are tremendous and in different ways, admire all of you.

Keep up the good work and don’t forget to let me know when you post your acceptance!


13 thoughts on “Part II

  1. OMG!!! This post is SO funny & very sweet of you, Dana. Of course, I will do a guest post. Let me gather my thoughts a bit, and we should definitely corroborate 🙂

    It’s wonderful to read all those facts about you & congratulations on the award 🙂

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