Sorry I’ve been MIA these past few days, I’ve been busy having mind-blowing sex and enjoying all this free sunshine. This past Saturday was the Boston Gay Pride Parade which is a fucking BLAST and usually ends with in huge festival in front of City Hall.

Disclaimer: All the pics were taken with my blackberry, so expect poor quality and zero editing 🙂


Boston-20140614-04619 Boston-20140614-04620

My dentist was out there on a parade float….

gay pride 2 Boston-20140614-04621 Boston-20140614-04622 Boston-20140614-04618

We skipped the festival at City Hall and instead ate a late brunch at Back Bar Harrys and went to Fritz Block Party where I got my dance on, front and center baby.

Boston-20140614-04630 Boston-20140614-04634 Boston-20140614-04632Boston-20140614-04635

I got compliments on my shoes for daaaaayys.
gay pride 1
I met a bunch of people who I’m already fondly calling friends

We ended the night at Club Café but by that time I was wassssttyyyy. They each kissed me on the forehead, tucked me in a cab and sent me home.

I was hurting like a muthafucka the next day though and didn’t really feel like dressing up but I managed to snap a few shots before I headed out to meet up with one of my mentors.

IMG_20140615_141515_1 IMG_20140615_141225_1 IMG_20140615_141332_1

Hope you guys had a great weekend too. I’m not gonna lie, it’s Monday and I’m still a little fuzzy :p.

Those gay men know how to PARTY. Phew!!


Go on, get it out..

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