Cooking With Others: Grilled Sardines

I’ve been in a dirty fairy tale since last Friday, trying to get ahold of my sanity, but I came up for air long enough to proudly serve you another Guest Post episode.

This time, I asked Graeme from FoodIsTheBestShitEver, if he’d be interested in letting me Guest Feature him….


What’s up Graeme, you want in on this guest post or what?

Hell fucking ya!

That’s what I’m talking about! So give us an idea about you, where you live and what you do for a living?

In the lush assed Northern Rivers of NSW and I am a chef (I do other things too, but I think the chef thing is what the question is about…)

Don’t try an act all exclusive and shit…where the fuck do you live?

Yes chef! Bexhill, Northern NSW!

Damn right. And how did you fall into this cooking thing?

No formal study, just plenty of reading, a great mentor and a love of food…I just decided it was the way for me

I know the feeling…it was either engineering or cooking for me. Or med school. Or working the streets. Kidding. Kinda.

What kind of chef are you?

A tall, red headed, foul-mouthes, handsome one.

Ah! So you’re a Sous Chef.

Cheeky fucker…

Now there’s a fact :). Would you think about opening your own restaurant?

I think it’s a fucking excellent idea! You got some cash?

Pssh! Who do I look like? Michelle Obama? Malia? You better sell some ass on the side, get your hustle on. 

Another fucking excellent idea my friend…you can be the brains and I’ll be the brawn?

Dude I’m seriously fucking considering this… think about it…say we started a meth lab and came up with the cash…what would be a good name for it?

Hmm…I always thought G’s Pot would be a great name but then somebody pointed out that no guy would be able to find it!


You’re such an asshole. If you were going to host a dinner party for 5 of your favorite celebs, what would be you first course, main meal and dessert?

Sardines would defo be the app at the mo’. I truly cannot get enough of those suckers.

A nice bit of Slow Roasted Pork Belly or Knuckle. Homemade sauerkraut, apple sauce, hasselback potatoes and mustard would be the main. And for dessert, a Chili Chocolate Molten Pudding with Macadamia Nut Ice Cream

Holy shit dude! You know these celebs don’t eat but that’s something I could work through with no trouble at all. May even sacrifice my stomach for that ice cream. Maybe you can make Soy Icecream instead? Did I just invite myself to your party?

Wait, while we’re on the subject – how often do you make dessert? I don’t see much of it on your blog…

Me no make dessert very often. Jennee makes the dessert around here…she’s an ex-pastry chef

Jennee is the poor soul that is legally bound to you?

Poor soul whatever! That girl eats like a queen, get’s treated like a princess and gets loose like a trailer park crack head.

That sounds like fair trade for having to deal with your horseshit day in/day out. So with Jennee being an ex-pastry chef, are you more of a sugar or spice person?

Umm…both – it’s a Mexican stand-off.

*Pa-chooon! Pa-choon!* Alright, cooking question, how do you save a dish that’s severely over-salted?

Bulk it out with all the other ingredients until it’s seasoned properly and when you have 3 times the original amount of food….go easy on the salt.

I don’t why I assumed you’d say add sugar. I think deep inside I still can’t believe you actually know what you’re doing…

If you could do any recipe on your blog, what would it be and what would you change?

I just started putting curry powder in my tomato sauce (Ketchup) recipe and I’m seriously addicted to that.

Oh yeah? I’ll have to check that out since I’ll probably make this recipe you’re sharing for the 4th of July holiday and claim as my own invention. Without batting a fucking eye.

Alright, last question before you share your recipe with us. Gotta make it a good one….hmm. Is there anything you won’t eat?

Yeah…those boiled eggs with the 2 week old baby chicken in them….that’s about the only think I can’t stomach the thought of.

Oh yuk! Where is that even acceptable?

The Philippines and Vietnam do it. I worked with a guy from the Philippines who said his mum would get him one every day after school from the street vendor. He said they were delicious. I told him he was fucked up…





The place where I met Dana from “I’ve Got Cake”.

Some have said Blogland is a legendary land where carnies roam free, riding naked bareback on pink unicorns that drink from waterfalls made of lemonade.

“What is this fictitious land you speak of”, I asked the toothless old crone who was speaking of the things.

“Fictitious land I speak of not”, she replied.

To which I abruptly stated, “Muther fucker, you are not Yoda. Not then, not now, and not when Disney makes episodes 7 through 9”. Then I walked away trying to remember what the point of this was…

Blogland. Yep. I’ve got a blog. I hang out with people in Blogland all the time. Crazy people. No unicorns or waterfalls made of lemonade mind you. But the carnies? Well that’s another story altogether. A story I don’t have time for right now, for I am going to tell you about the next best thing…


Sardines by Graeme


The local sardine season has just begun and quite frankly, I am in love. Cheap, good and tasty… well and truly incomparable to old Frau Baum, the 72 year old German prostitute from down the road…

Sardines are also super good for your body and brains… that must be why I’m looking and sounding so “on point” at the moment.

Anyway, for this little guest blog recipe I could have gone nuts and blown your mind with some crazy, crazy shit, but instead I shall give you the recipe for a mind numbingly simple meal that shall but leave you imagining what could have been. Oh the heights we could have reached in this brief, but seriously satisfying encounter….

Sardines…I have been enjoying them in so many ways… none of them biblical.

Deep fried whole, on toast for breakfast, grilled, whatever. I just think they prefer a simple delivery to my face. Tonight I will grill them and serve them with my home made tomato sauce (ketchup) which I have introduced to a little bit of curry powder or garam masala (I have used keens curry powder because I grew up with that shit and it’s working for me right now…). I think they will be best of friends.

Also, the sardines will get to reacquaint themselves with their old bedfellow – the grilled sour dough.

SARDINES (for 4)

1kg fresh sardies (sardies is not a typo. It is my pet name for these suckers)

1 long red chilli, chopped finely

1 handful parsley, chopped finely

Juice of 1 lemon

A good splash olive oil


  • Gut the sardines, debone them if you want, but the flesh comes away from the bone really easily when it’s cooked so I’m not going to bother
  • Rinse under cold water to remove any rogue scales and gut bits
  • Combine all ingredients and mix gently
  • Grill on a hot grill or pan for 1 minute or so each side, until cooked
  • Serve with grilled sour dough, home made tomato sauce and whatever other goodies you can conjure up
  • It’s been my pleasure


Thanks Graeme for letting me spotlight you! I had an absolute blast! 

If anyone else would like to be featured and do a Guest Post, I would LOVE to have you!! Just shoot me an email on my contact page. 


21 thoughts on “Cooking With Others: Grilled Sardines

  1. Your conversation is so funny, Dana. Graeme’s recipe is such a ‘Guy’s recipe’ to gut & debone the fish. hahaha I bet it’s delicious. I love sardine, but hardly (if ever) found any recipes like this. This is such a fun post. I must click over to Graeme’s now; he is too funny not to visit.

    Thanks Dana. 🙂

  2. Ha! Ah Grazza. You never fail to crack me up (G’s Pot. Ah… crying right now. With tears of laughter, in case you were gonna get ambiguous on me). Love this guest post!!!! And hello Dana, this is my first visit to your site and it’s awesome sauce (as awesome as Graz’s ketchup, just less edible)

  3. I can’t believe I missed this post! For all my life I’ve been eating sardines only from cans! I’ve never tried a fresh one before.Now this is on my hunting list! Sometimes I really envy people living by the sea.

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