Natural Spirit


This weekend, I’m headed to Worcester to dance in the sun, eat from street truck vendors, have a few hits off of you-know-what and listen to some great bands.

It’s officially festival season and everyone from skinny hipsters going “yeaaah miannn..”, to mouth-breathing juiced up gym rats, looking like small mountains that have grown legs is going to be there. I fucking love it.

This outfit was a no-brainer. I’ve been looking for another occasion to wear this fringe sweater and an outdoor music fest seemed like the jackpot. Definitely a contrast from the last time I wore it.

IMG_20140619_152218_2 IMG_20140619_151645_1what to wear to an outdoor festival


I love live music, especially outdoors. The outfits, the food, the singing, people going fucking nuts. Love it! But even though it’s so naturally relaxing it’s also hot as balls outside so I’m making a mental note to pack a cooler with plenty of ice so I don’t collapse in the first 20 mins.

IMG_20140619_151207_1 IMG_20140619_153523_1 IMG_20140619_152113_1


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