Over Easy


Just a few (somewhat blurry) pictures of what I wore to my friend Joanne’s evening cookout a couple days ago. I love these pants for their ability to be dressed up or down and still look chic.

I gotta start paying closer attention when I shop so I can buy more versatile shit like this.

IMG_20140622_172248_1 IMG_20140622_172206_1IMG_20140622_171207_1

The real laid back cookouts are the hardest ones because it’s all chips and salsa. Not the healthy kinds either but that’s ok, right?



      1. Ahhh hahahaha!
        A bum bag!!
        See bum over here, means to mooch off of…so a bum bag sounds like a collection of shit that you got from somewhere else lol.

Go on, get it out..

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