The Pitter-Patter of …

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Hope all my fellow Americans had a good 4th of July! And for my non-American friends, I hope your World Cup team moved forward 😀

This post is a day late because on my 4th of July, we on the East Coast were battling Hurricane Author. Yep.

A hurricane on a holiday.

Between the extra gray, end-of-the-world, the-fucking-zombies-are-coming-maaaan, sky, there was just no opportunity to take a good picture. But hey – since the 4th was on a Friday, it’s fair to say the holiday spirit extends through the weekend so this outfit is still legit. Besides I had an awesome 3rd of July but I can’t show those pictures on here 😉

IMG_20140705_121658_1 IMG_20140705_121806_1 what to wear for the 4th of july IMG_20140705_120952_1

And yes – the red bow on my wrist is really a hair tie, but wearing it that way made this look waaaay too old school. Like I was ready to be in a 80s workout video. So like all hair ties, it ended up on my wrist.

IMG_20140705_121336_1 IMG_20140705_120337_1holiday inspired outfits - ivegotcake.wordpress.comIMG_20140705_123016_1


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