Pink Matter

how to wear a shift

A few quick pictures of what I wore for a walk yesterday…

IMG_20140706_184558_1 IMG_20140706_184138_1 IMG_20140706_185555_1IMG_20140706_185613_1Whenever I know I’m going to be on my feet for a long time, this is one of the shoes I go to. Granted they have a sort of grunge appeal, but they’re really, really comfortable.

As for this pink dress, I got it from a swap recently. Initially because of its simplicity but really because it cost $5 and it’s like, “meh, $5…not terrible” and although it’s slightly bulky…I’m kinda diggin’ it. That’s the great things about a clothing swap – they’re never a huge investment. 



28 thoughts on “Pink Matter

      1. I really like your style, and I love your food pictures. Looks as you would have a great sense for details

  1. A loose dress like that can be sexy and you totally pull it off! $5 is a deal. I would shorten the sleeves, not quite cap, maybe a touch longer; something that’s a tiny bit shorter on top of the arm to accent the Michelle Obama muscles!
    How often do you change a day?

    1. Thanks Eva darlin 😆.
      I change twice a day. Once in the morning, getting dressed for work and again after work for the gym.
      A third if you consider putting my jam jams on 😁
      I wish I knew a thing about seeing, I would alter it to be a bit more fitting under the arms and around the neck.

  2. What a cool outfit! What a pity I eat all the time and thanks to the wonderful weather my skin is looking remotely less green than usual … loving the pink on you, though!!

  3. Adore the dress and the shoes. I live in rural Ireland and would love to dress like that for a walk but it wouldn’t work as walks tend to be through forest/woodland brambles included.
    The dress was a steal at 5 dollars, love your style and the pictures .

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