The Writings on the Shirt



IMG_20140719_184812_1 IMG_20140719_184751_1

I got this dooope shirt from this site called Tees in the Trap.

Obviously, I had to have it. 

IMG_20140719_182922_1 IMG_20140719_183924_1IMG_20140719_183810_1



You know you do too…

IMG_20140719_184656_1 IMG_20140719_183143_1 IMG_20140719_182944_1 IMG_20140719_184455_1 IMG_20140719_182613_1


45 thoughts on “The Writings on the Shirt

  1. Hey, great post! I’m Audrey and I’m very interested in fashion and style. I think you would enjoy my posts; I would really appreciate a follow back! Thanks!

      1. Of course my friend. Ginger, A “booty rub” is a term of origins deep rooted in our ancient sea faring past, as it was how a pirate would enjoy the booty he had just plundered, rubbing it and similar things. Hence “booty rub”.

        You’re welcome.

        Smiley face.

  2. Haha, the shirt looks cool. I like that you Chose the skirt to go with this, it doesnt seem to be the obvious choice, yet it somehow works quite well

  3. No idea what ‘booty rubs’ are but you’re definitely making it look promising!
    In that context – I used to have a flatmate who’d offer me foot massages, only to kick me, shouting ‘foot, massage – get it?’ …

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