Blushing Red

As some of you may know, I recently had a birthday.

If you didn’t know, then you need to get with Instagram. Instajizzle to you regulars.

IMG_20140720_190846_1how to wear pink and red

What I’m learning, seeming as to how I just got older so I’d better be fucking absorbing something, is that contrast is everything.

Casual + Casual + Chic. Casual + Chic + Casual.



It’s the easiest way to make something simple stand out.

It’s also the easiest way to disguise a hangover.

Birthdays have a habit of wearing me out. The partying…I just…

The contrast to looking dead was to wear something pink. And high.

how to wear red heelshow to wear pinkIMG_20140720_185020_2And while we’re on it…I think I’m starting to have a thing for pink and versions thereof.

It’s surprising me too, believe me.


Β #ThreeCheers

42 thoughts on “Blushing Red

  1. (Hobby Photographer) … What I find captivating about you pics (aside from your obvious easytolookatness) is your unique choice of scenes and natural backdrops. My fav … da barefootin pic.

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