Coconut & Tequilla Popsicles

how to makealcoholic  popsicles

This post is going to be a little different than all my other food posts because even though it’s about popsicles, that’s not really what I made.


I know…but here’s what happened.

It’s summertime in this fine country of mine and as if I haven’t said it enough, that means it’s hot as fuck out. So when I was re-organizing my kitchen last weekend, I came across these popsicle holders that I’d gotten from IKEA a while ago.

Don’t even think about judging me for shopping at IKEA… 

I came these colorful little fixtures and had the bright idea to make popsicles. With liquor, of course. Because, who would I be if i didn’t make liquor popsicles…?

And like most of my recipes, I figured it all out while I was making them:
1 part 100% Blue Agave Tequilla + 1 part Coconut Cream + 1 part Simple Syrup + a firm squeeze of lemon + several smashed blueberries.

Oh yeah. I was going all out.

I combined all that shit together and it looked good as hell.

IMG_20140727_145905_1 IMG_20140727_150226_1

So I spooned the libatious mixture evenly into my popsicle holders, not filling them quite to the top.

IMG_20140727_150448_1 IMG_20140727_150553_1

Put them on freeze for like 6 hours.

Around hour 4, I checked them – still liquidy.
At hour 5, we lost power.

Just randomly lost power. Street lights out, traffic lights out…everything.


The guys eventually came out, toggled the lines a bit and boom…power back on. Awesome. The whole neighborhood rejoiced. And I was back in business baby.

But at this point, I was starting to doubt the success of this, getting a little nervous. So I decided I’d better let them freeze overnight and take them out the next day. 

K, so next day rolls around…still liquidy. As if they’d never frozen at all.



*eyeroll and deep exhale *
Breathe Dana.

This is almost the end of the story and there are already 2 things that you can take away from my popsicle disaster: 

1. Do your research ahead of time. 
I have a strong sense that even if the power hadn’t gone out, they probably would never have really frozen.

2. Don’t be afraid of trial and error.
I know I create some badass shit, but this isn’t always the case. So you can go on and take me off that pedestal.

I seriously thought about not posting this but then figured that when life gives you liquidy adult popsicles, pour that shit into a cocktail shaker, throw in a few ice cubes, a healthy dash of more tequilla and make a martini.



And now I wouldn’t say I’m hammered…but I’m close. 

IMG_20140802_130731_1 adult popsicles



27 thoughts on “Coconut & Tequilla Popsicles

  1. Hey Dana! I think it’s the alcohol. It won’t freeze. Same thing happens with my Margarita Sorbet. It’s get cold and freezy, but not completely frozen (still delicious, though!). I love your save with the martinis! Also, I’m going to get one of those popsicle holders from Ikea.

  2. Oh this is such a sweet fun post, Dana. I want to get drunk on your coconut-tequila cocktails 🙂 But Potlucktam is right, tequila is too strong to freeze… like vodka, gin, etc. You could make granitas with milder alcohols such as beer or wine. Or make ice-cream and pour alcohol on top (like vodka on lemon sorbet… yum). Well, at least now you know 🙂

    1. So I got curious and did a little research, and apparently you can use any alcohol to make sorbet, but it shouldn’t exceed a fifth of the total mixture of ingredients, and it will never be as firm as regular ice-cream.

  3. I love Ikea, who doesn’t love Ikea – I have these exact moulds in a slightly different colour! And the recipe looks delicious, I used to store all my spirits in the freezer so knew about the no-freezing thing; but reckon if you’re going to get drunk, do it drinking something as gorgeous looking as this!

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