Waffles and Melons with Basil Bacon Bits and Honey-Bacon Aioli

bacon and waffles

I know I’ve probably said this before but I’ll reiterate anyway.

96.7842% of the time, breakfast for me is bowl of ginger-granola cereal and soymilk. Eaten while driving to work, with my left hand holding the bowl and my right hand alternating between lifting the spoon to my mouth and shifting gears.

It’s not at all wonderful. Delicious, practical, time-saving….but not wonderful. 


This shit on the other hand… this sugar-salty, crunchy-juicy, smoky-fruity combination…this is fucking MAGNIFICENT.

This is that good, bad, delicious, evil, should-I, shouldn’t-I kind of meal.
That shit you make for your wife when you want to get out the dog house.

That shit you make when your eye-rolling mother-in-law is over and you want to shut her up from the get-go.

This is that shit your kid asks for on his birthday.
That shit you make when you want your one-night stand to stay over a lil’ longer. This? Oh I just whipped up a lil something, something…
That shit you make when you want your kids to sit down and just be quiet.

This is that sh…
wait a min, are you following me here?

Because I’m trying to throw out some advice that might one day be the only thing standing between you and a jail cell dammit. Between you finding a rickety stick, wrapping some red hanky on the end of it and walking out of your life.

*exasperated sigh*

Alright, fine. Whatever. I’ll get to the point of how this all came about.

I had to work from home today and that gave me time to finally create breakfast. Hooraaaay!!
I was actually inspired to make this from an Instagram post:

Even though it’s kinda hard to see what all is going on there, she basically called out the components it was comprised of and I took it from there.

And I’m pretty sure this would taste just as good or maybe even better with other fruit (think strawberries, cantaloupe…blueberries?) but I had to jump on a call and it already looked good as hell.

If you’re a bacon lover (which I’m not), then you owe me big time 😀


Waffles and Melons with Basil Bacon Bits and Honey-Bacon Aioli


What I Used

4 Waffles (homemade or otherwise). 4 cup ½in diced Melons. 2 tbsp julienned Basil. 3 large Eggs. 5 or 6 strips of Bacon (or as many of you want, you’re the boss here). ¼ cup reserved Bacon Oil. Honey.

What I Did

bacon recipes

Because I bought my waffles…
How could I, I knoooow!! I don’t own a waffle maker alright?? I eat cereal, remember? Give me a break here 😦

My point is…start with the bacon:

Dice the strips of bacon and cook in a hot, dry skillet. About 5 mins.


When the bacon turns golden brown, turn off the heat and remove from pan with a slotted spoon.
Place on a paper-towel to drain all that grease.
Reserve the remaining bacon oil in the pan.


Thinly julienne 2 tbsp of basil and place in a bowl.
Add in the bacon bits and toss.

IMG_20140804_150646_1Set aside somewhere warm.

Next, make the aioli.

Blend 3 egg yolks, drizzling in ¼ cup  of the reserved bacon oil.


Blend in honey, sampling, until you achieve the sweetness you want.
Set aside.

Finally, make the waffles.

IMG_20140804_145445_1I don’t often eat waffles, let alone cook them, so I can’t offer you a recipe on this part, but if you want, I can throw out 7 names of people who have some bomb ass waffle recipes. Let me know.

This last part is all about assembly..


bacon syrup

Drizzle as much or as little of the aioli on top as you’d like…think of it like your syrup…


waffle recipes


47 thoughts on “Waffles and Melons with Basil Bacon Bits and Honey-Bacon Aioli

  1. Amazing flavours. We got a waffle maker for Christmas and I still haven’t been able to convince The Koala that waffles can have savoury things to go with. Our waffle maker only makes adorable heart-shaped waffles though, maybe that’s why they seem to need sweet toppings?

  2. The colors… I just want to grab a fork and dive right in! I don’t own a waffle iron either. I keep swinging between getting one and thinking it’s a uni-tasker. One day! 🙂

  3. In my opinion, this is your most beautiful plating yet. You seem to really have come a long way in the last months with your plating and food styling. This looks amazing.

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