Avocado and Apples on Eggplant Crisps with Mint Butter

avocado recipes


Not something I frequently play with in the kitchen yet every time I do, it’s like the best shit ever.
And now I know consuming too much of it isn’t the healthiest thing because they have a lot of fat but I think the real reason I don’t often use Avocados is because they don’t keep well.

I don’t know if it’s a weather thing, where unless my kitchen maintains grocery store temperatures, their rate of decay exponentially increases, or if it’s a storage issue where I’m just not storing them properly….

Any farmers out there? What am I doing wrong here?

Because whatever the case, every time I buy Avocados, unless I do something with them within the day of purchase, I’m screwed. Or is it them that’s screwed?
Dana, WHERE is all this going!??

I have no idea. This is going absolutely nowhere.
Moving right along.


Over the weekend, my friend texted me a picture with the caption; “Strangest BBQ ever”.
I peered at my phone for a long time, trying to make out what the fuck he took a picture of and after a while I realized that aluminum tray contained grasshoppers.

Grasshoppers on the menu.
It’s the oddest thing, isn’t it?

“Hey guys! Thanks for coming over, glad you could make it!”
“What’s that? Oh yeah, no problem, you can put beer in the cooler over there cuz Jenny has the fridge full of wine and grasshoppers.”

…I mean, I’d eat them.

Anyway, again, this is going nowhere…
I swear I’m like a toddler who thinks he can carry on a conversation with the grown ups…interrupting every 7 seconds with loud bursts of severely energetic nonsense. They’re hilarious, toddlers.

They never have a shirt on, they already got a beer belly even though they’ve never drank before…and they’re not even self-conscious about it, you know? They don’t try to stand up straight and suck it in, they just let it hang out over their diapers, heaving themselves around with cereal in their hair… They’re a fucking mess. I love it!

So before I downgrade to a newborn, here’s an easy Avocado recipe.

You’ll notice my use of eggplant which I elected to include because… I don’t know… it was just fucking time to do something with eggplant. I roasted it enough so it could serve in place of toasted bread, but the next time I make this, I won’t include Eggplant.

Instead I’ll just halve some cherry tomatoes, throw in a bunch of other non-leafy veggies and have it as a salad.
Mmm hmm.

Alright…finally, this is going somewhere.


Avocado and Apples on Eggplant Crisps with Mint Butter

What I Used

1 cup diced Avocado. 1 cup cubed red Apples. ½ cup Red Onion. 2 medium Eggplants. 2 tbsp Butter. Small handful Mint Leaves. Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper. 1 bottle Prosecco.

What I Did

If you choose to use eggplants;

Slice them ½ in thick.
Line them on a baking tray and drizzle with olive oil.

I couldn’t decide which shape I wanted them in…

Shake/grind a good sprinkling of salt and pepper over them and place in the oven to cook at 400F for 20 mins or until they begin to slightly char.
Set aside somewhere warm when done.


For the mint butter, bring a small pot of water to boil.
Add in a small handful of mint leaves and blanch in the hot water for about 40 secs.


Using a slotted spoon, remove the mint and plunge it in ice water.
When cool, puree the leaves in a blender/food processor until smooth.

You may need to add some of that mint water to assist.


Pour the mint puree into a small saucepan under med heat.
Add in 2 tbsp butter and whisk constantly until the butter is melted.
Set aside.


When you are ready to serve, chop the avocado and apples into small cubes (about 1 cup of each) and dice ½ cup of red onion.
Place the avocado, apples and red onion in a med bowl and pour in the mint butter.


Toss gently.
Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Spoon the avocado salad over the eggplant crisps and serve with a bottle of Prosecco.

avocado recipes how to cook eggplant Avocado and Apples on Eggplant Crisps#ToddlerBrain


37 thoughts on “Avocado and Apples on Eggplant Crisps with Mint Butter

  1. I hope you got rest after last week! Avocado is full of fat true, but it’s mostly omega 3 which is very good for you, so don’t ask too many questions just eat it up 😀 it looks yummy Dana!

  2. Mint butter sounds nice! I love mint. I always buy my avocados while they’re green and hard and then I let them ripen somewhere cool for a few days. I lnow they ripen faster next to certain fruits like kiwifruit.

  3. Haha, a toddler belly is the coolest thing, very similar to very small puppies. When they sit up or lie on their back after a meal, all they are is belly. Damn cute. Anyway, great, entertaining post! 🙂

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