All Black on All Brown

black on brown

I am soooo into bodysuits/onesies, it’s ridiculous.
Like I would wear them around as is if I could.
When is that gonna be a trend because I’m fucking ready.

wearing a onesie how to wear a bodysuit ivegotcake blog

They’re body hugging, curve embracing gems of clothing that give anything they are paired with, that ever-cliched, ooopmh in a ‘Yes GAWD’ kind of way.
You can’t help feeling up on yourself when you put one on.

black lace bodysuitsivegotcake.wordpress.comive got cake blog

You know how they say, whenever you don’t know what to wear, go with all black?
Well I’d like to edit that a bit, because over here, shit seems to be, whenever I don’t know what to wear, I wear a bodysuit.
They better not go out of style…

lace bodysuits#AnotherGreat


30 thoughts on “All Black on All Brown

  1. I totally agree, I’ve been wearing those since I was a teenager, so since a long time ago eghm..:-D very comfortable and convenient! Surprisingly it’s difficult to buy them here, I’ve got a feeling they used to be more popular- but you can still get them in Italy and this is where I’m going in two weeks- you want one? 😀 Nice outfit Dana!

    1. Girrrrl!!
      Hell yeah I want one! I ought to just take the trip with you..

      And thank you 🙂 🙂
      Too bad I can’t see what you end up purchasing. I wonder why they’re hard to find by you…is it already out of style?

      1. I think it’s out of style here, yes. Such a pity though. I go to Italy every year and what I buy usually is tones of Stefanel clothes, since these are my favorites- and I know outlet places in Italy where you buy them almost for nothing 😀 The truth is I buy all my clothes and shoes in Italy, including my sleepers at Initimissimi 😀 can’t help it! oh forgot to mention bags too!

  2. Is a onesie the same as a jumpsuit? I love jumpsuits. Especially ones with pockets.

    Onesies here kinda suggest the snuggly, fleecy one piece pyjamas that you might wear to bed or to Walmart. We don’t really use the word Onesie to suggest something fashionable.

    1. Uh uh, over here, onesies are the same as bodysuits… Or say leotards.
      I know what you mean though about the PJ thing. I call those footy-pajamas 😜but to your point, some do consider them onesies.
      On the other hand, jumpsuits are like what I wore in Resurrecting Red. And jumpERS, are jumpsuits that stop mid-thigh.
      Confused yet?

  3. Wow, you look terribly elegant there Ms Fashina (I feel the sophistication of your look requires a little more formality than usual). Love that outfit on you, and I’m not jealous at all that you look fab in pretty much anything. Nuh uh. Not at all.

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