All the Kings Horses

pink bodysuit

I don’t know what the fuck is going on with me, but lately I’ve really started to tap into my girly side. 
Believe me – I’m as shocked as you.
It’s like, I don’t wanna pair this pink skirt with this pink bodysuit – yes, I’m wearing yet another bodysuit, tried to tell ya.. 
And I really don’t wanna wear a flower crown on top of all this pink, but dammit it just feels fucking RIGHT.

pink bodysuits all pink stylehow to wear a floral crownIronically, this post is also contains an individual compilation of all the things I’m digging this summer.
As it turns out, you can’t be in (almost) all pink and NOT have a good time.


IMG_20140817_135851_1 IMG_20140817_140120_2

Last week my homegirl and fellow boston blogger Vana agreed to do a shoot with and for me.
I’ve never done a shoot with another style blogger before, let alone let one of them shoot me, but I immediately said “hell yeah bitch, what time you thinking?”

It’s unreal how much fun we had, cracking each other up with comments I’m too ashamed to mention here but which made for a bunch of goofy pics and open-mouth poses.


IMG_4585_1 IMG_20140817_155840_1

pairing a pink bodysuit
I think some kind of ninja-super-stealthy bug bit me though

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28 thoughts on “All the Kings Horses

  1. Love everything about this outfit but the shoes (sorry but they are a bit too butchy for me). I’d love it with ballerina flats!
    Cool that you had a great time with fellow style blogger!

  2. I love lace! So pretty!

    I was shopping online yesterday and saw some cool playsuits and jumpsuits (which are close to bodysuits right?) but I didn’t get any cos it was really bugging me – HOW do you go to the toilet in them?? Do you have to completely strip?? 😛

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