Avocado Pizza with Tomatoes & A Fried Egg

 easy avocado recipesOk this is the last Avocado recipe I’m posting for a while, I promise :).

This lady that works for me has a home-grown garden and every now and again when the weather cooperates, she brings me fresh herbs and veggies from it.
She recently gave me a bunch of tomatoes and eggplants and I gotta tell you, even though I already buy organic, home-garden veggies are the shit.
I think singing to them makes the difference.

Anywhoo dee whooo,
I was inspired to put this mash-up together from a picture I saw on StumbleUpon a few months ago.
You guys probably can’t tell but I’ve been eating like a fat kid lately.

You know how it is when you work out consistently for a while, start to see some results, linger a little too long in front of that mirror, you feel good about yourself.
Then you get all cocky with it like;
“Meh, I can eat this. I’ll just burn it off tomorrow. Yeah… excuse me…excuse me, miss…? Yeah, I’ll take 2 of those. Thanks.”

Do this 4 or 5 times, don’t edit your workout routine, start to grow a little budda belly…
Now when you get in front of the mirror, shit don’t look so good.
Now you gotta suck it in.
Now you’re thinking twice about wearing that body-hugging dress.
Now all you want to wear is high-waist shit.
Stuff that goes over the belly.

I’m almost at this point people.

I’m not wheezing up stairs yet but I realize I gotta pull back on my care-freeness.
Dial down a bit on the drinks.
You know the drill.

So in keeping with my back-on-track momentum, I created this dish.
It’s super healthy, contains made-with-love tomatoes and that yummy avocado I’ve been shoving down your throats for the last 2 weeks.


Avocado Pizza with Tomatoes & A Fried Egg

What I Used

1 Avocado (peeled & seeded). 1 whole grain Pita Bread. 1 large Tomato. 1 Egg. Salt. Pepper. Crushed Red Pepper (optional).

What I Did

Peel & seed the avocado.
Add to a bowl or mortar.
Shake in salt, pepper & crushed red pepper.
IMG_20140827_172319_1Mash until you’re comfortable with the texture.

Adjust seasoning to taste.
IMG_20140827_173044_1Slice tomato.
Season lightly with salt & crushed pepper.
Spread avocado on Pita bread.
Place tomato slices on avocado spread.
fried egg recipes creative recipcesFry an egg.

Place it in center of tomato.

IMG_20140827_174720_1Slice off a piece.
Enjoy the healthy life.
healthy pizza recipeseasy avocado recipes


54 thoughts on “Avocado Pizza with Tomatoes & A Fried Egg

  1. It looks yummy, I have an avocado tree growing in my backyard back home…i will definitely try it once I get back…Beautiful inviting pictures by the way

  2. I think I will forgive you another avocado recipe this time :-D- by the way I’m eating it right now!- the egg makes everything soooooo much better doesn’t it?:-D xx

  3. I enjoy a good laugh because it is great for my mental state. (I don’t know what state that is) You’re hilarious! Keep up the avocado posts, it’s a healthy fat. This is a prize winner here! Just a thought, a touch of lime juice in the avocado mash. Mmmmm. Oh yeah, and some jalapeno slices. OOooohhhhhh, now I’ve got to make one of these all Southwestern style. HaHa But seriously, those are some righteous pictures. Well done Dana.

    1. Thanks Bob!!
      And you’re right, some lime juice would add a good citrus tone and i used the crushed red peppers to spice things up because no jalepeno here.
      womp womp.

      Glad my inner thoughts made you laugh. Laughter is the ultimate cure to everything 🙂

  4. Avocados are so expensive in this time in Chile!!! and I want some to try this things you make 😛 But a pizza with avocado, tomatoes and fried eggs!? my bf would make me a huge face like “WHAT IS THAT?” I bet he’d like it though haha

  5. Three things: I WILL be eating this. I don’t care if you keep sharing avocado recipes. and singing to your plants DOES make a difference! (I swear my mom told me this when I was younger: talk to your plants to keep them happy)lol

  6. Delish Dana! And lucky you for having a colleague with home grown produce she’s willing to share, all my friends hoard their veggie patches like I hoard cake… Yup, wheezing on the stairs right along side you…

    1. Hahaha!!
      I can see us holding each other up, looking up at the top of the stairs with a severe degree of panic.
      Can you see us, beaming and sweating when we make it to the top?

  7. I love how honest you are in your posts plus the recipes you have so far are great! Looking forward to more for inspiration 🙂 Also, thanks for stopping by weaknessfordesserts.wordpress.com!

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