Blood Orange.

IMG_20140821_144633_1This is a quick snapshot of what I wore a few days ago on my way to lunch after giving blood, which was a strange experience on its own.

The lady/vampire taking my blood kept smiling at me before she finally complimented me saying I had such nice veins.
She was real close when she said it too.
Creeped me the fuck out but all I could do was give her a half smile like, “Well, it was either blue or green so…” and stare intensely down at my arm, wondering where this was all going.IMG_20140821_144125_1You’ve probably seen this skirt on me in a number of instances, last worn here, but I can’t help it.
Good shit deserves to be worn over and over again.
ivegotcakecute way to wear flatsI’m off to get some sunshine before it all goes downhill and winter comes.
Have a good weekend people 🙂


19 thoughts on “Blood Orange.

  1. I agree good shirt deserve to be worn over and over again lol…I am having that experience with my new pair of black denim. Have a good week-end

  2. LOOK HOW TEENY YOUR WAIST IS! Damn you Dana, now I’m thinking about my waist and I can’t eat that last piece of cake I’ve had my eye on. That colour’s great on you by the way, and at least creepy blood lady has given you a great line to get out of any awkward dates in future…

    1. Seriously, she just kept smiling at me.
      I kept thinking, “Damn bitch, don’t you have something else to do??”

      And don’t believe the hype. Small waist = big ass = Danas gotta work out TWICE as hard.

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