The Long & Short of it.

dana ivegotcake blogThe panic that summer is over is starting to seep into me. I’m running around telling everyone winter is coming like a character out of Game of Thrones.
In turn, everyone keeps telling me to calm the fuck down. And that Fall has to come first…

dana fashina blogIMG_20140830_174015_1I wore this out to a culinary workshop in Union Square a few days ago. They were teaching the art of creating Wontons.
Fancy stuff, wontons.

Lately, I’m digging the idea of wearing long sleeves with shorts.
This won’t last long, of course.
The shorts will get longer as the seasons start to change and by the time it IS winter, I’ll be in a snowsuit.
Meanwhile, Danas wontons coming to a screen near you 🙂


#Make ItAGoodOne

40 thoughts on “The Long & Short of it.

  1. I love your long sleeves with shorts! I’ve been thinking about pairing shorts with tights and boots for fall this year. It is so cold where I live that our short season is too short. I lost a lot of weight this past year and I just want to hold on to shorts as long as I can.

  2. Great look! I used to wear shorts and jumpers in my heydays, hitchhiking across Europe. Never looked half as cool as you, but meant no soggy trousers when you were left standing in the rain for too long 😉

  3. Look at those legs girlfriend! In AZ the shorts weather lasts until about November/December! Then we think 60 degrees is cold and start bundling the shit out of ourselves! I wouldn’t last a day in the snow. I’m excited to see your Fall wardrobe!

    1. hahaha!
      you’re too cute! I would have initially said I’d head south when it gets too cold here but it snowed like all hell in ATL last year so I don’t think warm-weather states will escape the cold for much longer hahaha!

      I can’t wait to see my fall wardrobe too… :/

  4. I love long sleeves with shorts too. I like blazers with shorts and cute cropped sweaters with shorts. My friends keep telling me it’s too cold for shorts but I beg to differ. My legs don’t really get cold. As long as my top is well covered, I’m fine.

    I love wontons. I make them all the time, but I don’t really deep fry at home so I only make soup wontons. Ultimate comfort food. I like to make a big batch and then freeze them for quick mid-week dinners or snacks. Just boil them up and you’re away!

    p.s. Amazing rings.

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